Comprehensive ERP solution for Mechanical industry

Mar 21, 2023

ERP system for mechanical engineering is a comprehensive solution in managing all business activities, helping to increase efficiency between departments in the enterprise. This is a great tool for leaders to monitor business performance and make strategic decisions.

Mechanical engineering is considered a key industry of Vietnam’s economy. This is an important industry in socio-economic development, as well as the foundation and driving force for the development of many manufacturing industries. Because this is the basic field of manufacturing machinery and equipment, providing tools for other economic sectors.

Many limitations

In the context that the world industry is entering the 4th industrial revolution, in Vietnam the mechanical industry is still lagging behind and lagging behind other countries in the region.

Specifically, the mechanical manufacturing industry is still doing manual work, and there are no breakthrough products that bring high competitive value compared to the world. Enterprises have not paid much attention to the application of technology, and integration and linkage are still limited. Investment in new information technology is just adapting and is heavily concentrated from foreign-invested enterprises, and businesses tend to approach positive change.

In addition, due to the specificity of the industry that requires high accuracy, solutions are also required that can both manage warehouses and manage separate production stages but still achieve absolute efficiency. This also poses a big challenge for businesses providing digital transformation products and services when receiving assignments.

Applying ERP system to create breakthrough momentum for Mechanical industry

Facing the change of the world, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, mechanical enterprises need to transform themselves to keep up with the changes. Not only do we have to innovate in terms of machine technology, but management also needs to be optimized. To solve the above difficulties, businesses need the right digital transformation tool to help comprehensively manage all resources, optimize processes, increase business efficiency and bring many opportunities when doing new business. .

Currently, RUNSYSTEM not only provides ERP solutions but also enhances customer experience through the integration of smart products for digital transformation in businesses such as: SmartOCR – Character recognition and extraction solution, SmartKYC – Customer identification process digitization solution, SmartRPA – Business process automation robot… And ERP helps to integrate all those smart solutions into a comprehensive, compact information system that can be easily accessed by all individuals in the organization.

Mr. Pham Dao Lam (ERP project manager of RUNSYSTEM) said:

“Implementing ERP is a huge investment, not only in money but also in time and manpower. Above all, software written specifically for the mechanical industry must solve problems specific to the mechanical industry. In fact, RUNSYSTEM has also “tailored” and embarked on implementing an ERP solution for Ngai Cau Trading and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company to solve many backlog problems in purchasing and sales. , warehousing, production”.

Mr. Pham Dao Lam – Project Manager of RUNSYSTEM shared his experience in implementing ERP for manufacturing enterprises.

Ngai Cau Trading and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company is a unit specializing in mechanical processing and hot-dip galvanizing steel columns, anchor bolts, equipment supports, transformer stations, 110-500kV lines, steel beams, grounding equipment, substation equipment and other steel bridge products. Over the years, Ngai Cau has been a reliable partner of Song Da 11 Joint Stock Company, Song Da Construction and Service Joint Stock Company, Hai Phong Lighting and Power Joint Stock Company, etc., and hundreds of other businesses. all over the country.

Ngai Cau is gradually applying the ERP tool to internal management, improving work efficiency and quality, with an investment capital for the solution from 1 to 2 billion VND. In this cooperation with RUNSYSTEM, the company found that manual and single storage methods between departments using Word or Excel take a long time to synthesize and report with accuracy. is not guaranteed. Since implementing the ERP solution, 100% of the processes and archives have been transparent and clearer. Information between purchasing, warehouse, accounting… always achieves high consistency and avoids many losses. This helps to improve work efficiency and increase competitiveness.

Leaders representative of RUNSYSTEM and Ngai Cau Trading and Construction Investment JSC on the official launch day of the ERP project for the Mechanical industry

Ngai Cau is ready to adapt to advanced ERP solutions, catching up with the trend of digital transformation to build a more and more prestigious brand in the domestic and foreign mechanical markets. This is also a strong transformation of the company to create a premise for other mechanical enterprises to learn and jointly change the face of this field.


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