ERP System: An effective tool to help BaAN adapt post-COVID

Mar 18, 2023

After implementing an ERP system in the factory’s operations, BaAN was able to reduce processing time, increase productivity, and improve the transparency of its sales system. As a result, the company quickly adapted to the difficulties caused by COVID-19, continued to make intense breakthroughs, and increased revenue.

The comprehensive and robust ERP system before the pandemic

Before the consequences of the COVID pandemic, many Vietnamese businesses have been increasing their application of technology in their production and operations, explicitly using ERP solutions. This trend is new in overall business management, especially in the 4.0 business management era. As one of the leading manufacturers of spiral plastic tubes in Vietnam, BaAN is not left behind in this movement to develop and apply information technology. In addition to investing in production machinery systems, BaAN also uses 4.0 software solutions to improve work efficiency and optimize the value it provides.

The team successfully implemented the Odoo ERP project in BaAn’s manufacturing operations.

Beating out a series of other competitors, the ERP Division successfully earned the trust to become a key ERP project implementation partner in BaAn’s business digitization process. This will change many old habits and manual, disjointed operations. The system was officially put into practical use in May-June 2020 and is considered a necessary step for production operations as the ERP has solved many of the complex problems encountered by BaAn.

Previously, data from departments in the factory, such as production planning, processes, maintenance, inventory, etc., were primarily stored in separate Excel files or manually on paper, causing difficulties in management and search. After implementing the ERP system, all data, notes, command creation, or production results will be integrated into the Odoo ERP. With just one click, all information will be displayed in a general and intuitive way, helping production personnel or managers save considerable time in operation and supervision.

The survey trip to the Dong Van factory

Regarding quality management, the Odoo ERP system is like a digital library, storing all product quality evaluation results to support users in effortless control, convenient search, and a trace of information anytime, anywhere, when needed. Especially for companies in the manufacturing sector like BaAn, labor safety is always a top priority. Through Odoo, the company can track the maintenance history of equipment and, based on that, schedule maintenance at the right time, ensuring workers’ safety and providing replacement options to prevent production delays.

Although the Odoo ERP system has only been in practical operation for less than a year, it has made a remarkable breakthrough, flexibly managing working time and cutting costs,…with BaAn’s production process to overcome and adapt to the current “post-COVID” situation.

Employees at the factory have changed their manual work habits to using the Odoo ERP system.

“We are very grateful to the project team members who have been enthusiastic and professional and provided timely and accurate advice throughout their work with BaAn to build the system. In the future, BaAn and GMO will continue to synchronize and complete the modules to apply them to the company’s business processes fully.” – Ms. Do Thi Xuan (Project Manager, representative of BaAN company) shared.

The results of the project and the benefits that the ERP system brings

After implementation at BaAN, the ERP system has managed operations seamlessly from the company to its factories and overseas branches, resolving delays and reducing supply lead times to meet the increased demand for orders. The system’s model and role-based access have made sales processes more transparent.

  • The Odoo Enterprise 12 deployment includes CRM, Sale, MRP, QC, Inventory, Purchase, and VAS modules.
  • The system’s access control is customized for the CRM and Sale modules.
  • The Multi-Company model has been developed. Barcode scanners have been integrated.

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