ERP solutions for the seafood industry

Mar 21, 2023

Our country’s fishery industry is an industry with many strengths to develop, especially in the context of Vietnam promoting participation Free Trade Agreements and Globalization. Therefore, the top task for farming, processing and exporting enterprises is to create product linkage chains, thanks to the application of modern equipment and sustainable digital transformation to contribute to reducing the load. labor, increase accuracy in management – supervision … to meet international standards.

Potential for aquaculture development

From 1995 to 2020, Vietnam’s seafood production increased sharply, increasing more than 6 times, from 1.3 million tons in 1995 to 8.4 million tons in 2020, an average annual growth of 8%. In which, aquaculture production accounts for 54%, exploitation accounts for 46%. In particular, in the period from 1997-2020, seafood exports increased 11 times, growing at an average annual rate of 10% from 758 million USD to 8.5 billion USD.
Vietnam’s seafood industry is still growing strong, promising to be one of the leading export industries in the near future

Effective ERP solution for the Fisheries industry

BizConnex ERP is extremely user-friendly software based on specially designed to fit today’s aquaculture processes – allowing users to continue to do the same thing, but with cleaner and much better results.
  • Collect current crop information quickly (data pond environment, feeding…)
  • Continuous control of cost factors in the farming process, thereby minimizing costs and increasing profits</li >
  • Daily control of production parameters
  • Provides real-time and accurate information on the stock of all items (food, medicine, etc.) )
  • Optimize purchasing policy and inventory levels. Manage minimum stock levels and alert when limit is reached.
  • Access real-time information quickly, get valuable insights anytime, anywhere, make decisions faster, smarter, with just a web browser or mobile phone.

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