Successfully deployed a digital storage system for Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC)

Mar 21, 2023
Share RUNSYSTEM and Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) had a strategic handshake in the project of building an electronic archive system aimed at sustainable digital transformation and laying the foundation. Digitalization is important for the shipping industry. This is a project that brings many practical values and valuable lessons to all members implementing the project.

Vietnam Maritime Corporation and a difficult problem with many challenges

Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) is a company operating in sea and river port transportation business; and business of warehouses, yards, logistics services. When receiving the project, 80% of documents are being stored as hard text. Keeping the habit of physical storage has consumed space and increased data preservation costs for VIMC. In particular, the company’s employees face many difficulties in finding and accessing documents when needed.

The process of creating, editing and approving documents between the Heads of Departments and officers of the Corporation has been affected by incidents such as paper documents being damaged, lost, or not shared in a timely manner. The limitations of traditional information storage have caused many difficulties in the operation and management of enterprises.

For business digital transformation, Vietnam National Shipping Lines Corporation has trusted to choose RUNSYSTEM as the unit to implement the project of Archiving and digitizing documents combined with character recognition on Document No.

Representative of RUNSYSTEM and representative representative of Vietnam National Shipping Lines on the day of meeting and project cooperation

The main purpose of the project is to create an environment to store project data via cloud computing in order to quickly and efficiently retrieve, search, and share information from anywhere at any time. . Besides, saving costs and helping to preserve and maintain data information for longer.

Excellent document storage and digitization system

Compared with other products currently on the market, Enterprise Document Management System – ECM (Enterprise Content Management) built by RUNSYSTEM and complete with integrated OCR core capable of digitizing a variety of input documents, especially Vietnamese handwritten documents. This helps businesses improve the quality and efficiency of information processing in a fast time, handle internal processes and save costs for printing and storage, while ensuring multi-level decentralization.

For this project, Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) evaluated the effectiveness after integrating the SmartOCR solution of RUNSYSTEM as very high. Mr. Le Dong, Director of Information Technology Center – Maritime Corporation said:  “Thanks to the digitized storage system integrated with OCR, in the past year, we have digitized and saving more than half of the storage space, creating convenience, speed and saving a lot of working time”.

Mr. Le Dong shared about the benefits of implementing OCR core integrated document storage and digitization system developed by RUNSYSTEM on VTV4 Newsletter

Along with the process of building a digital government, implementing the national digital transformation process approved by the Prime Minister, the digitization of documents is extremely necessary, contributing to building a document ecosystem. number that data can connect and share with each other on the basis of: Safety – Security – Authentication. This project between RUNSYSTEM and VIMC is considered an important project, creating a premise for Digital Transformation in Vietnam’s sea transport sector.

Not only stop at building and developing the system

The above Data Storage and Digitization System project is considered as one of the outstanding projects in the field of Software Production and Export of the company in 2021. Besides, GMO also


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