RUNSYSTEM | RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company RUNSYSTEM successfully deployed SmartKYC electronic identity solution for PG Bank

Mar 21, 2023

Along with the companionship of RUNSYSTEM, last September 2022, Petrolimex Petroleum Commercial Joint Stock Bank (PG Bank) has officially launched an electronic customer identification solution (eKYC) aims to improve the customer experience while minimizing the risks of impersonation in the identity verification process.

PG Bank and the problem of applying technology to upgrade service processes

Petrolimex Petroleum Commercial Joint Stock Bank (PG Bank) is one of the banks that has made great progress in both scale and efficiency in recent years in Vietnam.

With the goal of becoming a leading multi-purpose commercial bank, PG Bank is always aware of the crucial importance of applying technology platforms in business operations and processes at the Bank. Therefore, in recent years, PG Bank has continuously launched many online banking services and mobile banking applications, allowing customers to perform most transactions on digital platforms. …

In particular, the outbreak of the epidemic has become a catalyst to promote the wave of technology application for digital transformation in the Finance – Banking industry in general as well as for PG Bank in particular. Prominent among them is the trend of opening accounts and identifying customers online.

PG Bank’s orientation “Digital Transformation – Applying technology to change lives”

Acumen in recognizing changes in market demand

The emergence of the disease has revealed the remaining limitations in the traditional identification process. Therefore, the electronic identification (eKYC) with anti-counterfeiting ability, accurate identification, and quick implementation is considered as a bright spot and a competitive advantage that helps the Bank change the entire market landscape. .

Early recognizing the change in consumer demand and market trends, from the beginning of 2021, PG Bank has started planning to search and select providers of electronic customer identification (eKYC) solutions. ) with the strategy of creating a competitive advantage for the Bank by providing a better customer experience.

SmartKYC identifies customers quickly, accurately, “stops” all fake acts

Among the eKYC solution providers in the market, PG Bank has trusted and chosen SmartKYC of RUNSYSTEM  to implement the project of building an online bank account opening process flow.

SmartKYC electronic identification solution is a product researched and developed by RUNSYSTEM based on artificial intelligence (AI). SmartKYC owns outstanding features like:

  • Character recognition (OCR) technology with printable, tag line accuracy up to 99%
  • Fraud Check technology, warn up to 30 signs of fake personal documents
  • Liveness technology has the ability to resist 2D masks, photos, videos…helps the Bank eliminate fraud and profiteering.
  • Face Matching technology compares the matching rate of faces with identification documents, provides superior facial recognition with a time range of up to 15 years.

Face Matching technology compares face to document matching ratio 

SmartKYC application, PG Bank will provide customers with a quick, convenient and safe way to open an account. Instead of having to go to a transaction office or submit an online account opening request and spend time waiting for the approval request, customers can open a bank account at home and at any time within 1 minute. . Not only optimizing the customer experience, SmartKYC also helps optimize the operation process


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