Project QR payment gateway and the “handshake partnership” between 4 groups

Mar 21, 2023

XX project is a collaboration between numerous runners from the Smartphone, Web, Bizsystem groups of BSD and the TSD group with the task of building a QR payment gateway for Bank M, one of the top 5 commercial banks in Vietnam.

In the era of rapidly developing Industry 4.0 technology, most banks in Vietnam are actively developing Mobile Banking applications that allow customers to access banking services anytime, anywhere through their mobile phones. In particular, after the success of Alipay and WeChat’s e-wallets in China, banks are focusing on developing quick response (QR) code scanning features on their Mobile Banking applications for payments when shopping online (via websites) or offline (via mobile apps) from sellers.

Starting in December 2019, the XX project was taken over by a team of nearly 20 members from various groups: Smartphone (3 people), Web (5 people), TSD (2 people), and Bizsystem (10 people).

Built on the Java and Angular programming languages, this is the first project for the team where they have had to handle the entire process from A to Z for the bank’s customers. With the high precision and security requirements of the banking industry, the team faced many challenges in understanding the business and designing a payment system that met the customer’s needs. Furthermore, all the technical aspects applied to the software such as microservices, QR code payment, etc. were difficult and new to the team members.

The XX project itself consists of the contributions of nearly 20 members from different groups, some of whom already knew each other, while others had never spoken before. Therefore, in the initial period, there were many issues such as communication breakdowns, information exchange, and misunderstandings. However, fortunately, although there were many people with different perspectives, all members had a common goal of completing the project, creating the best and highest quality product for customers. Therefore, colleagues gradually became more synchronized, tolerant, and understanding of each other. The project progressed smoothly and received positive feedback from customers.

“Until this moment, I truly feel honored to work with such talented and dedicated teammates!” – QuangVV (BSD), the project manager, shared.

The members of the QR Payment Gateway project

Until now, the project has been implemented for 3 months, and the members are working together to take the final steps on the path to delivering the product to customers. It is hoped that the XX project team will maintain its momentum and succeed in winning the smiles and trust of customers according to the motto: “We work for your smile.”

Note: For security reasons, the project name and customer have been changed.



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