Rapid deployment of ERP project SAPO360 in 3 months: Only forward, no turning back!

Mar 17, 2023

ERP Division has joined hands to deploy an ERP project for SAPO Technology Joint Stock Company in order to restructure its existing enterprise management system with the goal of going live within just 3 months.

Established in 2008, SAPO Technology Joint Stock Company is one of the most widely used management and sales platforms in Vietnam with over 67,000 customers using its services. After over 5 years of struggling with cumbersome and patchy management systems, SAPO has been determined to “break the old, build the new” enterprise management system as part of its digital transformation plan. Once again, the ERP team is honored to receive a nod of confidence from the customer in solving this problem.

ERP solution selected for long-term development

Before implementing the ERP solution, SAPO had to face many difficulties in data consolidation and financial reporting… The main reason was due to using multiple software systems for each business operation such as DMS, Misa, SAPOShop, and data that had not been tightly unified.

The ERP software Odoo was chosen by SAPO to solve these current issues while improving management efficiency for the business. The outstanding advantages that SAPO highly values in Odoo ERP compared to other ERP solutions such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. are reasonable implementation costs and modules that can be customized to meet business requirements.

The SAPO 360 project began implementation in July 2020 and is expected to officially operate in October 2020. At this stage, SAPO360 will be integrated with the previously self-created DMS software to obtain sales information and perform accounting operations on SAPO360. The ERP Division project team includes ThaoNN (PM), KhanhTD, GiangNH, HuyenTN (BA), LocCT, TruongND, PhuNM (Dev) under the management of Mr. LamPD (Project Director).

ERP – The race against time

Three months is too short of a time for any ERP project, especially for a unit that has built and used its own DMS system for over 5 years like SAPO. To completely change the complicated old DMS model, the project team had to consult, and restructure the process to make it as lean as possible to be able to switch to Odoo ERP. The entire project team held firm to the determination to “only move forward, not backward” and had to build a new business model on the ERP system that met the deadline.

On the other hand, SAPO itself is also a unit that has implemented many technology projects, with extensive experience in identifying requirements, setting schedules, and checking progress on a daily basis. Therefore, SAPO always puts forward extremely strict requirements down to the smallest details. The rushed go-live time and strict requirements required the runners to report to the customer every day, working day and night to get the nod of approval from the customer regarding the requirements set, and above all, the success of the project.

Project results

  • RUNSYSTEM has deployed Odoo Enterprise 13 including subsystems: Sale, Inventory, Purchase, VAS * Integrated with Sapo’s current DMS software.
  • GMO integrated the new system with the existing system that was in operation to ensure there were no disruptions to business operations until Sapo fully switched over.
  • The new Odoo system, after application, solved the overload problem for the management system and still effectively integrated with the system that was in progress.



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