SmartOCR helps DIGI-TEXX streamline manual processes

Mar 21, 2023

SmartOCR quickly processes input documents and extracts them into text format, helping DIGI-TEXX reduce manual data entry time by 70% and meet more than 12,000 requests per month.

DIGI-TEXX is a company that provides comprehensive data processing solutions and services for all businesses and organizations. In recent years, DIGI-TEXX has diversified its service portfolio and expanded its market into various fields, such as healthcare and insurance, for the US and European markets. DIGI-TEXX has become a reliable outsourcing partner with over 1,000 employees, providing flexible outsourcing services in the Vietnamese market.

The data entry problem of DIGI-TEXX

Data entry is a significant challenge for DIGI-TEXX due to the nature of the BPO industry. Employees at DIGI-TEXX have to handle a massive volume of documents, and manual data entry not only takes up a lot of time and increases labor costs but also leads to errors during the process, which significantly affects the efficiency of the work as well as increases the operating costs of DIGI-TEXX.

In addition, the time customers spend on the registration process or filling out the information in the document opening process also reduces the customer experience.

The huge manual data entry volume causes DIGI-TEXX employees to make mistakes in their work

How did SmartOCR help DIGI-TEXX solve this problem?

In the face of the challenges that DIGI-TEXX was experiencing, SmartOCR helped reduce the pressure on the paper document entry and processing process. As a result, DIGI-TEXX saved 75% of the time compared to the traditional data entry process, quickly digitizing input data. Additionally, thanks to SmartOCR, DIGI-TEXX could manage data better, and employees no longer had to spend a lot of time doing repetitive and tedious tasks but could focus more on more in-depth tasks, resulting in increased work efficiency.

SmartOCR helps DIGI-TEXX say goodbye to manual processes, and improve productivity and work efficiency

In addition, data digitized by SmartOCR makes it easy for DIGI-TEXX to quickly search for information instead of spending hours searching for information on paper documents. Especially, SmartOCR helps DIGI-TEXX enhance the security of documents and papers because the processed database is stored on the company’s shared database system with many different security layers, and not everyone has access rights.


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