SmartOCR upgrades Cathay Life’s insurance process

Mar 22, 2023

“We believe that technology will be the key to bringing faster and more convenient experiences to our customers. And SmartOCR is one of the solutions that helps us realize that desire,” said Ms. Minh Ngoc, Head of the Digitalization Department at Cathay Insurance.

Customer experience is the core value at Cathay Insurance

Cathay Non-life Insurance was established in Vietnam in 2010 to provide the best quality insurance products and services to Vietnamese. Thanks to relentless efforts over the years, Cathay Non-life Insurance Vietnam has increasingly asserted its position in the market.

Among them, focusing on customer experience is identified as one of the core values that contributed to the initial successes of Cathay Insurance in the Vietnamese market.

Mr. Shih Kai Chun, the Director of Cathay Insurance’s Hanoi branch, shared: “Customer experience is always the most important factor that we prioritize at Cathay. Every improvement, every change in Cathay Insurance’s processes is aimed at one thing: Enhancing the customer experience.”

Optimizing customer experience journey through technology application with SmartOCR

Regarding changes in customer behavior in the digital age, Ms. Minh Ngoc, the Head of Digitalization at Cathay Insurance, shared: “Most customers are living and working in the era of modern technology. Therefore, we believe that technology will be the factor that helps us provide faster and more convenient experiences for customers.”

One of the technologies that Cathay has successfully applied to realize this desire is SmartOCR. With the ability to automatically identify and process customer documents and records accurately, SmartOCR has helped Cathay speed up the insurance service delivery process by three times compared to traditional processes.

As a result, the customer experience is significantly improved and enhanced, and Cathay employees no longer spend much time on manual data entry and customer records. Instead, employees can spend more time on customer care, consultation, and service.

“All activities in our insurance application process, both for employees and customers, are now coordinated smoothly and quickly. Our customer retention rate has increased significantly, which is perhaps the most concrete evidence of the effectiveness of our increased customer experience,” Mr. Shih Kai Chun shared.

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