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Mar 21, 2023

On May 30th, the VinWonders’s website project implemented by RUNSYSTEM went live with a lot of emotions, helping customers quickly lead the summer tourism’s trends in 2022 according to their plan

On May 30th, the VinWonders’s website project implemented by RUNSYSTEM went live with a lot of emotions, helping customers quickly lead the summer tourism’s trends in 2022 according to their plan.

VinWonders’s website ( was a major project deployed by RUNSYSTEM within 2.5 months from March 14th to May 30th, 2022. The project included information pages about 06 outstanding destinations from the South to the North such as: Grand World Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, VinWonders Phu Quoc … and 07 highlighted masterpiece such as: Tata Show, Once Show, Colors of Venice, The Quintessence of VietnamSubmarine Nha Trang, The Seashell and Night Safari. Finally, all pages were urgently released on the mid-night of May 30th.

VinWonders website deployed by RUNSYSTEM

Apply a new project management model to speed up

The website was developed on WordPress platform. To catch the customer requirements, the project team applied the Agile model throughout the deployment period to increase flexibility, improvise with adjustments and design acceptance in small sprints.

This operating model requires to exchange and communicate continuously, so it is especially suitable when the VinWonders project has many graphic products, which reduces the number of times that designers must be edited and maximizes time. It also keeps customers engaged throughout the implementation process, providing timely feedback, and ensuring the final product is completed at the fastest speed and perfectly tailored to their needs.

Due to the application of the new project implementation model, the project team got an excellent work ethic, especially the spirit of mutual support and help. Although many new members do not have much experience, they always had the spirit of learning, grasping quickly, always completing on time and ready to solve difficult requirements of customers.

With the project team, VinWonders is a meticulous customer, extremely focused on ideas and images. So, the design team had to meet and talk directly for 3 weeks to understand and comply with the wishes of the client. Some products have not been gone into action yet, so there are few resources for images and content, which is also a challenge that requires the project team to have a breakthrough in how to do it. Therefore, many images have been created, re-described based on the customer’s draft images and ideas, to get the best design.

Some interfaces were deployed by RUNSYSTEM

However, due to the high graphics requirements, the closer the launch date is, the more the team must devote 200% of their productivity to ensure progress and product quality. Many completed news sites still must be edited to follow the new requirements that affected other stages. Our customer is extremely interested, enthusiastic about exchange, as well as creating the best possible conditions for the team to perform well. That dedication has become a great motivation for this project to successfully reach the launch time, in line with VinWonders’s business plan and a brilliant start to the 2022 summer tourist season.

Always strive to bring joy and appreciation to customers

After the website went live, the project team of RUNSYSTEM has received the appreciation of customers, along with sweet gifts bearing the mark of 3 masterpieces. The closing meeting was filled with joy and happiness when the efforts and enthusiasm during the deployment period reaped worthy results.

“When I received the brief, I thought this would be a challenge for all members because the work time was quite urgent, and the release time could not be delayed.But the team was still determined to do it. I knew that approving the designs would be challenging, but in fact, the deployment is much more difficult, requiring all members to be highly focused and try our best to complete it correctly, keeping the commitment to the customer. I am incredibly happy and always acknowledge your efforts and professionalism in this project.” – Mr. Ngo Hoang Thanh – Project Manager, Head of System Consulting Department.

VinWonders project team on the day of the closing meeting

Leaving aside personal joy, not participating in parties to stay in the office to complete tasks, striving to overcome difficulties, breakthrough creativity, speed up to reach the finish line successfully… All these phrases united with the enthusiastic spirit has made the project team win the appreciation of customers. In the future, the team will continue to develop new versions, improve performance as well as bring better experiences to users on the VinWonders website.


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