VTVcab integrates SmartGift to enhance customer experience

Mar 21, 2023

SmartGift is an intelligent promotion solution developed by RUNSYSTEM, applied by VTVcab to the customer care process and announcing promotional information.

Vietnam Cable Television Corporation VTVcab ( operates in the service sector under the management of Vietnam Television (VTV) and provides paid television channels.

VTVcab is currently the first unit in Vietnam that can provide content on all platforms, with over 10 million subscribers. It is also the only unit to organize 40-50 live sports and entertainment events per week to serve audiences on multiple platforms.

Integrating technology to adapt to new trends

Previously, VTVcab only provided customer service through the traditional hotline 19001515 (24/24h), which created many communication limitations with customers due to long waiting times, complicated procedures, multiple key presses, and customers having to hang up and call again when all hotlines were busy. Network transmission speed also greatly affected call quality, making it difficult for VTVcab to support users immediately.

In addition, due to the problem of spam calls bothering people in daily life, when customers see unfamiliar phone numbers, hotline numbers, or landline numbers, they may have a psychological suspicion and not want to answer the phone, making customer care even more difficult.

VTVcab realized that this method was no longer suitable when the cost of personnel deployment increased, and employees faced a lot of pressure and stress from constantly interacting with customers. Therefore, since November 2020, Vietnam Cable Television Corporation VTVcab officially applied the SmartGift solution of RUNSYSTEM in customer care operations to enhance customer experience, reduce operating costs, and boost sales.

SmartGift is built on the Zalo OA platform, which is very convenient and easy to connect with customers.

Since using SmartGift, Vietnam Cable Television (VTVcab) can support its customers by providing information on promotions from its services, bill inquiries, and simple and convenient service registration and payment. People can also access unique and exciting content available on VTVcab.

With this online customer service, customers only need a computer or internet-connected phone to conduct transactions according to their needs. If customers have questions, they can chat with VTVcab’s customer service staff through the “chat” feature directly on the Zalo application interface, which is entirely free.


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