• 2005
    First steps

    In 2005, RUNSYSTEM Company, which formerly was RUNSYSTEM Company, was established an Information Technology Company (IT) by three founders, firstly located at D20, Lot 12 Dinh Cong, Hoang Mai, Hanoi. Our first slogan was “Global Software Quality”.

    Back then, the main our activity was outsourcing for Japanese market. Our first project with the value of 300 million VN was implemented by three staffs in 3 months in .NET language for Japanese customers.

  • 2007
    Establish Tokyo Branch

    On August 6, 2007, a branch was established in Tokyo, which was an important step that launched the name of RUNSYSTEM Corporation far beyond the territory of Vietnam. As a representative of RUNSYSTEM in Japan in charge of customer relations activities for nearly a decade, Tokyo branch has not only accomplished its mission in an excellent manner, but also grown in breadth and depth in the field of Information Technology.

    With over 50 employees at present, the Tokyo branch has itself a separated marketing department, dedicating to promote RUNSYSTEM products towards Japanese partners by showing them the quality of products and services and reinforce the growing belief in customers as well. Besides, each member at Tokyo branch will directly participate the projects as a BrSE or PM to assure the schedule of the projects.

  • 2008
    Establish Ho Chi Minh Branch

    Ho Chi Minh Branch was established on March 14, 2008 with a total of 5 employees. Although the branch has been facing many challenges and fierce competition in Ho Chi Minh city – the most dynamic market in Vietnam, especially during the heavy crisis in 2009, it has been constantly increasing in volume of projects and quality of products.

    Currently, the branch has moved to Unit 702-703, 7th Floor, Ha Do Airport Building, 02 Hong Ha Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City. It has been equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure with the number of staffs reaching nearly 100 people, including Japanese expert that are in charge of the iOS, Android, web and other business applications.

  • 2011
    Join GMO Internet Group

    In 2011, our company officially joined GMO Internet Group – No.1 Internet Corporation in Japan. The Group has 89 member companies with more than 5000 employees in 17 countries in the world including Japan, USA and Asian countries. The merger is a clear demonstration of the development in width and depth of RUNSYSTEM. RUNSYSTEM is confident enough to become a reliable partner, providing customers with the best quality service worldwide, with the slogan “Global software quality”.

  • 2012
    Establish Da Nang Branch
    ISO9001 and CMMI3 certification

    Da Nang Branch is the third branch of RUNSYSTEM, followed Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City branches under RUNSYSTEM Corporation. Da Nang Branch, located right in the center of the city – Sapphire Plaza 6th Floor, 203 Ong Ich Khiem St. – Hai Chau Dist. – Da Nang was officially established on September 3, 2012. The branch is currently focusing on offshore web systems, HTML coding and expanding the Android section. It also promotes the business of domain name hosting, VPS, email server and website design.

    With the launch of a new branch in an important industrial city in the central key economic region of Vietnam, RUNSYSTEM continues to increase its competitiveness in the offshore sector.

  • 2014
    Received ISO 270001:2005 certification

    By 2014, RUNSYSTEM was certified ISO 21001: 2005 by DAS based on completing and meeting the stringent security standards of information security system. This certificate is undergoing re-certificating and auditing annually to ensure that security standards are strictly enforced at the enterprise.

  • 2016
    Change the name to RUNSYSTEM
    Received ISO 270001:2013
    TOP 50 leading IT Companies in Vietnam

    2016 is the year marking many major changes of RUNSYSTEM. Following the globalization strategy of brand of GMO Internet Corporation, GMO RUNSYSTEM has changed its name to GMO-Z. com RUNSYSTEM.

    In addition, becoming a main sponsor for Vietnam National Football Team is a clear demonstration for its effort for community development and corporate social responsibility.

    In 2016, RUNSYSTEM also received ISO 27001: 2013 certification. Owning this certificate affirms our strong service quality for customers and builds trust towards customers and partners.

  • 2017
    2017 RUNSYSTEM
    Succeeded in getting some impressive awards.

    2017 is the opening year that RUNSYSTEM succeeded in getting some impressive awards.

    In this year, RUNSYSTEM received a number of awards, including the first Sao Khue Award 2017 for software development, the second time in the top 50 leading IT companies in Vietnam and the domain registrar certificate presented by VNNIC.

    Moreover, we continually achieved ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certification.

  • 2018
    2018 RUNSYSTEM has a successful year in 2018 with a lot of awards RUNSYSTEM has a successful year in 2018 with a lot of awards, such as:

    – RUNSYSTEM’s third consecutive year as a top 50 leading IT companies in Vietnam

    – Sao Khue Award for a software development for the second consecutive time

    – domain registrar certificate presented by VNNIC

    – ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013, CMMI level 3 certification Besides, 2018 is also a year marking the strong growth of Hochiminh branch and Danang Branch in terms of both quantity and quality.

    In July 2018, Danang Branch relocated the office to 1st Floor, Central Vietnam Helicopter Company Building, Nguyen Van Linh Street, Thac Gian Ward, Thanh Khe Dist, Da Nang City.

    In August 2018, Hochiminh branch has expanded the facility, including 7th Floor and 8th Floor, Ha Do Airport Building, 02 Hong Ha Street, 02 Ward, Tan Binh Dist, Ho Chi Minh City.

  • 2019
    2019 RUNSYSTEM’s promising year now that we have gotsome important changes in

    2019 is RUNSYSTEM’s promising year now that we have got some important changes in our business strategy.

    This is the third consecutive year that RUNSYSTEM got Sao Khue Award for Software development.

    SmartOCR (, an Artificial Intelligence solution to recognize characters in documents, received the top 10 Sao Khue Award in 2019 as a breakthrough AI application in Vietnam.

    In March 2019, our headquarter offices in Hanoi has been extended in 6th Floor and 12th Floor, Ocean Park building, No.1 Dao Duy Anh Street, Phuong Mai Ward, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi City.

  • 2020
    Determined to be a year marking the transformation of the company in the digital transformation with long-term development goals under Go Global orientation.

    2020 is determined to be a year marking the transformation of the company in the digital transformation with long-term development goals under Go Global orientation. RUNSYSTEM was honored to receive 3 Sao Khue 2020 titles awarded by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA).

    – Software outsourcing and export service,

    – SmartRPA – Tools for business automation and SmartKYC – Solutions for verifying customers’ subjects

    These are two key products of the Company’s Digital Transformation ecosystem.

  • 2021
    Sustainable development, overcoming difficulties and challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic

    2021 is a solid year for RUNSYSTEM when members are still active and doing business despite having to work from home due to the impact of COVID-19. We have achieved many achievements by non-stop striving, as well as the strong solidarity of the whole team.

    – Sao Khue Awards for Software Testing Services and Salefie Digital Transformation Solutions

    – TOP 10 ICT Vietnam Awards with Offshore Services and Digital Transformation Solutions

    – Vietnam Digital Transformation Awards – Typical technology products and services SmartOCR

  • 2022
    Efforts to overcome the consequences of the pandemic

    The end of the COVID-19 pandemic left many severe consequences and caused a negative impact on the country’s economy, causing the company’s business activities to suffer a lot. However, with the constant efforts and leadership of the leadership team, RUNSYSTEM has overcome difficulties, won many achievements, expanded the network and cooperated with many potential customers.

    – 02 individual awards in GMO Awards

    – TOP 10 ICT Awards with Offshore Services

    – Asia SME100 Awards – Fast growing business

  • 2023
    Establish Hue Branch

    – The establishment of the Hue Branch marks the determination of GMO to conquer potential customers and expand and cover the company’s office network throughout Vietnam.

    With the enthusiasm and determination of the RUNSYSTEM team, in the future, the Hue branch will bring many high-quality products and services, helping customers and Thua Thien Hue province to develop information technology extensively, creating new motivation for socio-economic development and promoting the substantial progress of modernization.

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