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Dec 28, 2016

On December 22th – 2016, Internet Day 2016 5th event was held successfully with the gathering of more than 500 participants from companies in the field of technology. This is an event organized by Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) at the Sheraton Hotel (Hanoi). RUNSYSTEM is proud to be a sponsor with VIA to outline the Internet landscape in Vietnam.


Mr. Ngo Van Tau – CEO of RUNSYSTEM talked about the topic of security and business security on the Internet.

The seminar focused on the topic “How digital content contribute to the Internet economy”. In the framework of the seminar, Mr. Ngo Van Tau – CEO of RUNSYSTEM had a talk on the subject of security and business security on the Internet. Besides, he also shared about the opportunities and challenges of Vietnam in the Digital Ages: “The obvious opportunity is the expansion of the market leads to an increase in demand for internet connections, which is a fertile soil for technology enthusiasts who want to do business in the field. . However, information security issues are also a big challenge because Internet users in Vietnam have information security indexes below the world average.” From there, he also advised individuals and businesses to start protecting information for the website, which also protects customers who have trusted and used the service.

internet-day-2016_gmo-zcom-runsystem-2 RUNSYSTEM booth with exciting activities, attracting customers to participate.

Along with the content of the discussion in the hall, Internet Day 2016 was also the place to exchange, introduce products, services of technology booths, electronics, telecommunications, … The RUNSYSTEM booth introduced Tenten and Internet services and attracted hundreds of participants, learn and experience the service. (Photo 3) The consulting team of RUNSYSTEM was always ready to share, enthusiasticaly answers to customer questions. The event ended with a discussion between the speaker and the attendee with sharp, practical questions, providing useful information.

Internet Day 2016 was not only a chance for RUNSYSTEM to promote our brand, our IT products and services but also to exchange and connect with local and foreign organizations, contributing to the prosperity of Vietnam’s Internet economy in the future.


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