Overview of Offshore Services of GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM from Vietnam to Japan


On November 27th, the GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM branch in Tokyo, Japan successfully organized a seminar to introduce its offshore services to nearly 20 Japanese companies. The seminar was co-organized by GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM and Grow company at the headquarters of GMO Internet Group – Cellurian Tower.

The workshop with topic “Using Offshore Labs to develop and apply new techniques” provided a comprehensive look at the resources and potential of the Offshore Offshore Services portfolio of GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM.

The seminar scene with Japanese businesses

During 02 hours, the offshore services overview of GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM was presented vividly and extremely detail through the film of offshore capacity made in Vietnam. In addition, Mr. Nguyen Tan Minh – Deputy Director of GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM also presented a presentation about the company, as well as the achievements in recent years, especially in the field of Offshore services. That helped the participants of the workshop assessed the potential of this service.

For Japanese companies to understand totally about the company’s resources and development plans, the seminar also held a talk with prominent speakers: Mr. Nguyen Tan Minh – Deputy Director of GMO-Z. com RUNSYSTEM, Mr. To Manh Cuong – GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM Branch Manager in Japan, Mr. Matsubara Yoshiharu – Technical Manager GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM in Japan, Mr. Mikami Kentaro – Representative of Grow. The discussion was focused on Offshore services with the ability to implement high technology such as Block chain, AI, IoT,…

The discussion took place openly and answered many concerns of the guests

Through the seminar, the speakers also introduced more about the achievements that GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM has achieved as well as how the foreign companies, which in particular is Japanese enterprises, could use Offshore services achieve the highest efficiency. Representatives of Japanese companies present at the conference were extremely interested in the company’s offshore services, Labo and raised interesting questions for speakers around this topic. Some issues that attracted the attention of visitors like how payment method in Vietnam was different from Japan, the conditions to use Offshore service with model Labo research (in terms of scale), high technology,… were specifically answers in the Q & A session of the discussion.

Especially, guests who were representation of Japanese companies had the opportunity to own two round-trip tickets to visit the actual working model of GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM in Vietnam. The owners of the lucky tickets would be selected randomly and notified via website www.runsystem.net.

Successful organization of the workshop “Using Offshore Labs to develop and apply new technologies” promised to bring more opportunities for cooperation with Japanese companies in the field of production and distribution software development.