RUNSYSTEM | RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company RUNSYSTEM is honored to receive the Registrar Award with the highest new domain growth rate

Dec 22, 2017

At the annual review of Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) held on 20/12/2017, RUNSYSTEM is very proud to be awarded the Registrar of the highest new domain name growth rate. RUNSYSTEM is also considered as one of the three typical enterprises and was honored by Vice Minister of Information and Communications Pham Hong Hai at the closing ceremony.

Overview of the VNNIC Annual Review

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Hong Hai, Director of Vietnam Internet Center Tran Minh Tan and representatives of Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), management agencies and businesses.

In the framework of the ceremony including the activities of summarizing, comments for the development program of VNNIC in 2018 by representatives of Ministry of Information and Communication, representatives of RUNSYSTEM, Institute of Posts and Telecommunications and other units. Mr. Ngo Van Tau – Director of RUNSYSTEM has shared his passion for outstanding issues and solutions in 2018:

“Looking forward to VNNIC will improve on the .VN domain name and international domain name. Although there are sanctions on customers registering international domain name and domain name. VN, however, only required to force customers to register full information with .VN domain name. With international domain names, they are implicitly not necessary to remind us quite a lot. In the coming time, VNNIC and the Ministry of Information and Communication will have some solution to communicate to Vietnam Internet users that the registration of international domain names also need to register as fully and transparent information as  the .VN domain name. “

Mr. Ngo Van Tau representative of RUNSYSTEM shared at the closing ceremony

Agreed with the opinion of the RUNSYSTEM representative on the transparency of the current international domain name, in his speech,

Deputy Minister Pham Hong Hai also emphasized the importance of enhancing information security and safety. It is necessary to take measures to check the transparency when granting domain names, especially international domain names. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly review and ensure the accurate source of information and data of the registrants of resource use in Vietnam.

In the year 2017, VNNIC has recognized the units have made a lot of positive contribution to the development of the Internet industry in Vietnam. With the excellent contribution of Tenten brand, RUNSYSTEM was honored to be awarded the Registrar with the highest new domain name growth rate in 2017. RUNSYSTEM received the award of the Registrar with the highest growth rate of new domain names in 2017 by VNNIC.

Evaluation on the development of RUNSYSTEM in the past year, Le Nam Trung – Deputy Director of VNNIC shared:

“ RUNSYSTEM in the past year has made rapid progress and clear, good growth. This is also the result of the unit’s improvement in service delivery, customer care, and especially in terms of changing cognitive mindset when approaching the market. Especially, the connection between, RUNSYSTEM and VNNIC has been more strict, the unit has complied with the law very well. I hope that next year RUNSYSTEM will have more creativity, more innovative breakthroughs to grow you not only strong growth but also sustainable growth. “ RUNSYSTEM is currently deploying two branded domain names, TENTEN and With the encouragement and expectation from VNNIC, RUNSYSTEM will continue to grow and develop in 2018, bringing the best services for Internet users in Vietnam.


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