What are the paths for developing hi-tech offshore services?

Mar 23, 2018

On 28/02/2018, RUNSYSTEM has successfully organized the offshore services workshop in the high technology era in Tokyo with Resorz (Japan). The seminar gave participants a glimpse into the breakthroughs in offshore digital services, opening up potential development opportunities for high-tech engineers.

Software development outsourcing is an IT trend that has grown and affirmed its potential and position with businesses all over the world. Developing offshore services is no longer a new direction, but it has become a strategic alliance for the development of business to cut costs and increase return on investment.

With the participation of 30 guests, the Offshore Service Workshop in the high technology era has opened up a panorama of outsourcing software development in the digital age. The most advanced technologies such as AI, Big Data, VR, AR, Block Chain, … are discussed in depth as these are the foundations of a new era of offshore services development.

In Vietnam – the emerging technology outsourcing and development market in Asia, the demand for highly skilled technical personnel and the ability to work in the international environment is on the rise.

Nguyen Tan Minh – Deputy Director of RUNSYSTEM has frankly shared the increasing number of high-tech AI, block chain and bigdata engineers in Vietnam: “There’re a lot of “Big player” in the field of technology such as Intel, Samsung, LG, GMO, Microsoft, Canon …, has set up factories and product development center in Vietnam. In addition, Vietnamese technology companies are taking steps to develop, attracting the attention of many investors in the world. This is fertile soil for high-tech engineers to develop their strengths. “

Mr. Nguyen Tan Minh shared the increasing number of high-tech engineers in Vietnam

At the same time, he also confirmed the potential of IT cooperation between Vietnam and Japan:

“The 4th Industrial Revolution with new technology trends such as IoT, AI, Big Data, digital transformation, changes in the cooperation business model, and the abundant human resources of Vietnam will open up new opportunities. Japan-Vietnam cooperation will no longer only included cheap labor but will translate into a cooperative model of research, development and application of new technologies into the product, bringing surplus value higher.”

The event, jointly organized by RUNSYSTEM and Resorz, provided potential partners with useful information about the future development of offshore technology services and an opportunity for a clearer direction, from which a suitable development strategy in the 4.0 era is built.


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