The application of eKYC in securities account opening

Feb 15, 2023
Not only widely used in banking institutions, but eKYC is also becoming a trend that many securities organizations are adopting.

Previously, in the traditional securities account opening process, investors had to spend a lot of time going to trading offices or branches of companies to register for a securities account and wait for confirmation. This caused many limitations for both investors and businesses. Many securities organizations have started to apply eKYC solutions to online account opening processes to improve service quality and optimize operations.

Similar to the bank account opening process, opening a securities account using the eKYC method is very simple. Users will verify their identity documents and perform some actions such as performing facial movements as requested by the system for verification, as well as comparing the real person with the identity documents. These actions take place entirely online and only take about 5 minutes.

he application of eKYC in securities account opening brings many benefits to businesses and helps improve customer experience

Since June 2022, Thien Viet Securities (TVS) has started using SmartKYC from RUNSYSTEM in the securities account opening process to optimize customer experience and prevent fraudulent and impersonation activities.

SmartKYC is an eKYC solution researched and developed by RUNSYSTEM and has received prestigious awards in IT in Vietnam. Currently, SmartKYC is one of the leading electronic identification solutions in Vietnam with many outstanding features, which have been successfully applied and deployed in the process of securities organizations both domestically and internationally.

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