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May 18, 2023
Share RUNSYSTEM is one of the reputable providers of comprehensive Internet infrastructure services in Vietnam. The company has gained the trust and serves the diverse needs of over 100,000 individual and corporate customers domestically and internationally (such as in Japan and South Korea.v.v.).

The information technology services provided by RUNSYSTEM include:

  1. Internet Infrastructure Services
  2. Digital transformation products and solutions for businesses
  3. Market research services
  4. Internet Infrastructure Services

Internet Infrastructure Services

The company’s primary information technology services include domain registration, web hosting, email server, cloud VPS, SSL security from Globalsign, and website design. These services are implemented through two leading brands, and Tenten. vn. v.v. is a global brand of the GMO Internet Group. We aim to deploy the best products and services worldwide through this domain. is one of the only three single-character .com domains, making it one of the most memorable domain names on the internet.

Officially entering the domain and server services market in April 2012, Tenten. vn is considered a “younger sibling” compared to FPT, Nhân Hòa, Inet.v.v., in this field. However, thanks to its modern technology infrastructure and fast and stable speed, Tenten. vn currently holds about 13% market share and ranks in the Top 3 largest registrars.VN national domain by the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) from 2018 until now (data updated in 07/2020). It has also been awarded the “Registrar with Sustainable Growth” commendation by VNNIC in 2017 and 2018 and recognized as the “Best .vn Domain Registrar for Customer Care in 2021”. RUNSYSTEM has been and is investing in upgrading infrastructure and improving the quality of products and services, enhancing the application of advanced technology to provide customers with continuously improved experiences. RUNSYSTEM invests in research to develop various self-developed products and solutions such as Failover Hosting, SEOlover Hosting, Secureweb Hosting, Secureweb Cloud, Zshield Premium Email Server, Kusanagi Cloud, and applications for online stores, smartphone software for stores like SmartStore (AI-based facial recognition technology, store chain management, and marketing strategy analysis), Meety (Online Video Meeting solution), TimeWork (remote work monitoring solution).

Tenten. vn has recently added new intelligent products to its ecosystem, such as Electronic Invoices, Social Insurance, Callbot AI, EMAS call sentiment analysis, Digital Signature, Electronic Contracts, Voice Biometrics, and Voice Brandname.

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The self-developed product lines have outstanding criteria and advantages, such as:

  • Simple to use: Self-developed Control Panel administration interface using Kusanagi technology from Japan with the criterion of “Extremely simple to use, all features in just 1 click,” enabling non-technical customers to use it quickly, improving performance, website loading speed.v.v., compared to traditional VPS environments.
  • High Security: Integrated with two-factor access security features (via Google authentication) and IP access restrictions.
  • High Performance: Improved performance by over 500% compared to regular servers (increased website loading speed.v.v.).
  • Data Safety: Data safety is ensured with Backup DR-site in multiple data center locations (Vietnam, Japan, Singapore).

Information Technology ServicesMarket Research Services RUNSYSTEM provides market research services through the brand InfoQ ( InfoQ is currently the largest online survey service targeting Vietnamese users with over 700,000 members. InfoQ’s mission is to provide businesses with deep and multi-dimensional insights through the art of “Understanding Digital Era Customers.” InfoQ is committed to delivering the latest, most accurate survey results and the best reports to clients, with several advantages over competitors in the market:

(1) Quick survey turnaround time, able to conduct thousands of surveys per day.

(2) Automatic filtering system that sends surveys only to the target audience that meets clients’ criteria.

(3) Effective data collection techniques for rapid and accurate information synthesis.

(4) Significant cost savings compared to traditional surveys.

(5) Users can conduct surveys at any time of the day.

(6) Survey results are delivered to clients through a standardized, secure, and maximally confidential process.

With a diverse range of industry-specific products and the flexibility to tailor services when needed, RUNSYSTEM is confident in meeting all the requirements to become a trusted partner, providing clients with the best services and global-quality standards, following the motto of “Trusted Digital Partner.”


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