Light Up The Smile: Sharing Love, Bringing Smiles

May 22, 2023
On May 16, RUNSYSTEM visited and presented gifts as part of the fundraising event "Light Up The Smile" to support children with cleft lip and palate surgery, specifically to the family of Nong Tran Tuan Kiet at FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

With the motto “Work for your smile”, RUNSYSTEM always aims to bring smiles and significant values to everyone and society.

To kickstart their meaningful journey at the age of 18, RUNSYSTEM collaborated with the community fundraising platform GiveNow and the Charity Fund “Nang Buoc Tuoi Tho” to launch the program “LIGHT UP THE SMILE – DRAW A SMILE FOR CHILDREN.” This program aims to raise funds for surgeries for children with cleft lip and palate, including Nong Tuan Kiet.

For more information about Tuan Kiet’s case, please visit:

PROGRAM GUIDELINES – Drawing a Smile: Support 20,000 VND for children with cleft lip and palate. 

  • Step 1: Participants create a painting with a smiling image with just two simple steps. 
  • Step 2: Publicly post the artwork on Facebook, hashtags #venucuoichoem #GMOLightupthesmile.

For every artwork shared, GMO will contribute 20,000 VND to the surgical fund for Nong Tran Tuan Kiet, aiming to bring a smile to his face.

After more than ten days of the campaign, RUNSYSTEM has donated over 5 million Vietnamese Dong and received 237 smile paintings, equivalent to 4,740,000 VND. Additionally, the company contributed over 10 million Vietnamese Dong from our funds to support the surgical fund. The total amount of 20 million Vietnamese Dong was sent to the Charity Fund “Nang Buoc Tuoi Tho,” the organization directly assisting the case of Tuan Kiet.

On May 17, 2023, the surgery for the patient Tuan Kiet was successful with the dedicated efforts and support of the medical professionals at FV Hospital. The beautiful smile has returned to the little child’s face, and RUNSYSTEM’s journey to spread smiles throughout society continues, marking significant milestones.

Representatives from RUNSYSTEM presented a gift of 20 million Vietnamese Dong to support the surgery for Nong Tuan Kiet with a cleft palate

Let’s look at the adorable artwork created by GMO members and their families, hand-drawn to support baby Tuan Kiet!


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