Building the “Made in Vietnam” Digital Transformation Ecosystem

May 26, 2023
After years of construction and development, the comprehensive ecosystem of enterprise platform solutions (One-Stop-Solutions) by RUNSYSTEM has become a bright spot, attracting the attention of customers and partners.

The trend of building product ecosystems

Cloud-based services are prioritized due to their high flexibility, allowing users to access data anywhere and on any device. In recent years, IT organizations have focused on developing products that integrate and interoperate with other digital systems and platforms. This enables users to share data, automate processes, and interact across different applications and tools within the ecosystem.

Regarding application technology, digital transformation products increasingly integrate automation and artificial intelligence features, enhancing performance and reliability while minimizing human intervention in processes and operations. These tools realize the desire to “put the customer at the center” by creating user-friendly interfaces, easy interactions, and quick online support and consultation services – providing convenience and building customer trust.

With increased data volume and related security issues, businesses’ digital transformation ecosystems also emphasize ensuring customer data’s security and safety management. Advanced security measures and data management policies are implemented to ensure privacy and protect customer information to the highest degree.

The Digital Transformation Ecosystem by RUNSYSTEM

The Digital Transformation products are the culmination of years of research and investment in leading technologies on the market, such as AI, OCR, KYC, Blockchain, and more. Many outstanding products have received numerous awards in the information technology field and have been successfully applied and integrated into the business operations of thousands of customers:

  • SmartOCR – Unique Vietnamese handwriting recognition
  • SmartRPA – Robotic Process Automation
  • SmartKYC – Electronic customer identification
  • SmartStore – Camera AI
  • SmartGift – Improve customer loyalty
  • SaleFie – Distribution channel management DMS
  • Kaike – Intelligent accounting software
  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning system
  • WOWCRM – Customer Relationship Management platform
  • SmartCDP – Customer Data Platform

The digital transformation product ecosystem of RUNSYSTEM

The CEO of the company, Mr. Ngo Van Tau, affirms: “To become the number one provider of Make in Vietnam Digital Transformation solutions for businesses, RUNSYSTEM is continuously researching and developing a comprehensive Digital Transformation ecosystem (One-Stop-Solutions) across diverse fields. We have also gone through the digital transformation journey, applying technology to our company’s operations and internal processes. Therefore, we understand what businesses need and how to optimize the value and achieve success in this digitalization journey.”

Continuing research and development of the Product Ecosystem

Building upon the achievements of the past years, RUNSYSTEM strives to secure the top position in its field by constantly strengthening integrated service areas. The Research and Development (R&D) department is established to deeply understand and cater to customer needs, laying a solid foundation for creating optimized products and services that enhance efficiency and cost savings.

The R&D activities are crucial in improving the digital transformation ecosystem by researching and developing new solutions, advanced technologies, and innovative tools. They contribute significantly to creating new digital transformation products, expanding capabilities, and improving system performance.

The highly skilled engineering team continuously monitors and analyzes technology trends, customer requirements, and market demands to understand critical factors and adjust the digital transformation product ecosystem accordingly. This helps organizations seize new opportunities, automate processes, and rapidly respond with suitable products and services. Additionally, the R&D team conducts verification and quality assurance activities to ensure the digital transformation ecosystem meets high standards and quality requirements.

Mr. Dao Bao Linh, Head of the R&D department, represented the company and received the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award for the SmartOCR product. RUNSYSTEM always strives to provide sustainable digital solutions with the desire to make positive changes in society, driving digital transformation with new thinking and innovative approaches and empowering businesses to excel in the 4.0 revolution.


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