RUNSYSTEM | RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company RUNSYSTEM expands collaboration in Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation in Healthcare in 2023

Jun 12, 2023
On June 9th, RUNSYSTEM participated in the Vietnam-Korea Forum on collaboration in Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation in healthcare 2023.

This year’s forum was chaired by the leadership of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and the Ministry of Science and Technology – Information and Communication (KHCN-TTTT) of Korea. The organizing units were the Korean Embassy in Vietnam and Korea’s National Agency for the Promotion of Information Technology (CNTT).

At the forum, speakers from Vietnam and Korea, including managers, scientists, and doctors, delivered presentations focusing on healthcare issues and the impact of AI in healthcare, such as: Innovating healthcare through AI, Effective and accurate cancer screening, AI solutions for bone imaging and growth monitoring in children; R2MIX digital human services platform…

Overview of the forum and speech by Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Bui The Duy

The event attracted Vietnamese businesses in digital transformation and the participation of over 20 reputable Korean enterprises introducing technology products using AI applications in the healthcare industry. These products include image analysis to support doctors in diagnosing brain, respiratory, cardiac, pulmonary, musculoskeletal, breast, and eye diseases, as well as body composition analysis based on CT scans, heart rate analysis, blood pressure analysis, and remote healthcare platforms for diabetes patients, cancer patients, and individuals with neurological issues. Notable names in attendance included Medical IP, Waycen, KT Healthcare, Beplus Healthcare, Lily Cover, KDT Lab, and Cresscom.


Representatives from RUNSYSTEM engaged in discussions and networking with businesses in the healthcare field in South Korea

This event allowed RUNSYSTEM to meet, exchange ideas, learn from experiences, and gain insights into healthcare industry customer needs to serve projects and AI-based products. GMO also successfully connected with representatives from several Korean businesses interested in the company’s Digital Transformation Product Ecosystem and the IT services provided by the company, creating opportunities for future collaboration and partnerships.


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