TENTEN accompanies VNNIC at the event “Initiating Digital Identity with National Domain Name.”

Jun 26, 2023
On the morning of June 24, 2023, at the pedestrian street of Hoan Kiem Lake, TENTEN accompanied VNNIC in organizing the program "Initiating Digital Identity with National Domain Name," an event as part of the communication activities for the new domain space.

The event was attended by representatives from the People’s Committee of Hoan Kiem District, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC), the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM), as well as a large number of students and future digital citizens.

Mr. Tran Duc Tam, Director of the Internet Infrastructure Center at RUNSYSTEM (second from left), inaugurated the program alongside representatives from VNNIC and domain name providers.

The program “Digital Identity with National Domain Name” is specifically designed for young people with various special incentives to meet their needs to establish a digital identity and build a brand online. Specifically, there will be no fees or charges for two years from the domain registration date for Vietnamese citizens aged between 18 and 23 who register to use the “” domain.

For newly established businesses and business households with a registration certificate, registering the “” domain will also be exempt from fees or charges for two years from the domain registration date within the first year. Small and medium-sized enterprises and individual business households can build and develop their brands and engage in online business using the “biz. vn” domain.

At this event, TENTEN collaborated with the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) to introduce the “Digital Identity” program through a set of digital identity products, including the domain name, a diverse CV repository, easy personalization, and a portfolio template to showcase individual projects and achievements, along with an email address based on the domain name, affirming one’s professionalism.

\Young participants registered for the domain name at TENTEN’s booth and participated in lucky games.

The program received widespread support from the youth thanks to its practicality and high applicability. Ms. Bui Bich Ngoc, 23 years old, shared her experience: “Having a domain name with my imprint makes me feel cool. I used to think registering a domain name would be difficult and costly. Still, today TENTEN registered my domain name Bui Bich for free, allowing me to create a personal website. The process was quick and easy, with detailed instructions.”

Ms. Bui Bich Ngoc, 23 years old, has successfully registered the domain and now owns her website in just 5 minutes.

Exclusively for the event “Creating Digital Identity with National Domain Name,” TENTEN offers many advantages in digital identity services for individuals and businesses looking to establish their brand identity online.

Vietnamese citizens aged 18-23 are entitled to a digital identity package from TENTEN worth 1,590,000 VND, which includes:

  • 1 . ID.VN domain name with a validity of 2 years
  • Two years of web hosting with pre-designed website templates and CV
  • Email identification based on the domain name to enhance personal credibility

Free registration at

TENTEN is a leading provider of registration and maintenance services for the national domain.VN in Vietnam. They offer various IT services for businesses, including hosting, cloud, email servers, and other digital transformation solutions. TENTEN has been honored by VNNIC for several consecutive years, receiving awards such as the “Highest New Domain Development Speed Registrar 2017,” “Outstanding Sustainable Growth Registrar .vn 2018,” and “Best .vn Domain Customer Care Registrar 2021,” along with prestigious awards like Sao Khue and Top 10 Vietnamese IT Enterprises.

Here are some other images from the event:


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