Kick-off the project for developing applications for retail points for TH Corporation.

Jun 27, 2023
On the morning of June 26, 2023, the Launch Ceremony of the Project for Building Applications for Retail Points, researched and developed by RUNSYSTEM for TH Corporation, was successfully conducted with the determination and goodwill of both parties.

Attending the project launch ceremony from RUNSYSTEM were Mr. Ngo Van Tau – CEO, Ms. Pham Thi Thu – Director of Smart Solutions Divison, Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoang – Project Manager, Mr. Nguyen Minh Son – Strategy Director, Ms. Phan Thi Thu Ngan – PR Manager, and others. Representing TH Corporation were Mr. Mai Nguyen Hue – National Sales Director, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Khoa – IT Director, Mr. Nguyen Hoan Duy – Development Director, Mr. Le Trung Duc – IT Director for Customer Service, along with Regional Sales Directors; business unit representatives, and project personnel from both sides.

The representatives of RUNSYSTEM and TH Corporation at the Launch Ceremony of the Application Development Project for Retail Points.

According to the agreement, RUNSYSTEM will deploy the development of an application software operating on the Zalo platform, enhancing the interaction capabilities between TH’s business units (Sales, I&S, SO, Trade Marketing, Finance, P&C) and retail points, which will facilitate increased sales opportunities, reduced workload, and optimized processes for receiving and repairing POSM. The target users include sales staff, IT maintenance staff, distributors, and managers. In the future, the project team will further develop and expand the application’s features to meet the additional business needs of TH Corporation.

The Retail Point Application System is built on the Zalo platform, making it simpler and faster to distribute the application to TH’s service users. Users are associated with their accounts, avoiding delays, occupying device memory, or generating junk files, resulting in smoother user experiences and less dependence on phone configurations. Upgrades will occur automatically as new versions become available, eliminating the need for manual user actions or updates.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Khoa – IT Director of the Corporation and Project Director

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Khoa: IT Director of the Corporation, shared, “For TH Corporation, there are many assets to manage and monitor at retail points, as well as various information that requires interaction. Therefore, the Retailer App for retail points will serve as an extended arm to help TH Corporation capture the situation at the locations and interact with them in the shortest possible time.”

After over a year of researching and exploring suppliers, we chose RUNSYSTEM as the partner to build and develop this system. With their experience in implementing similar projects, GMO can advise and support TH Corporation in deploying a well-functioning system that best fits our needs and at a reasonable cost.

Another fundamental reason TH Corporation trusted GMO to carry out this project is the development team’s extensive experience implementing and deploying large-scale projects. They can handle high loads and cater to over 40,000 outlets directly in Phase 1, with the capacity to handle over 100,000 users during peak periods and expand in subsequent phases.

Mr. Ngo Van Tau – CEO of RUNSYSTEM, speaking at the Project Launch Event.

On behalf of RUNSYSTEM, CEO Ngo Van Tau and the project implementation team will make every effort, focusing their resources and strengths, to complete the project according to the agreed schedule and objectives set by both parties. They also express their expectation to work and collaborate with TH Corporation on many other projects in the future.

The leadership of both sides recognizes that this is a project of significant importance for an enterprise with a large number of distributors like TH Corporation. It will enhance management capabilities, strengthen interactions with retail points, and aim to generate better revenue and profitability for TH Corporation.

Both parties have exchanged and agreed upon the strategy and implementation timeline of the project.

The project launch event was successfully conducted with the unanimous consent of both parties. It is hoped that with the goodwill and cooperation between RUNSYSTEM and TH Corporation, they will take further collaborative steps to propel TH Corporation towards a breakthrough in the future.

Here are some images from the project launch event:


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