Officially launching MiraWEB – The first AI-powered website creation platform in Vietnam

Jul 06, 2023
On July 5, 2023, Tenten. vn, in collaboration with the Blockchain & AI Development Center Mira, officially launched MiraWEB - the first AI-powered automatic website creation platform in Vietnam (*), which is a groundbreaking step in the technology field aimed at supporting individuals and SMEs in creating websites quickly, saving time and costs. Currently, over 1,000 pioneer users have registered to experience and positively reviewed this tool.

MiraWEB User Target

MiraWEB combines AI artificial intelligence and web technology to provide a completely new website creation experience. Whether you are a student, freelancer, professional marketer, or someone new to this field, MiraWEB will be a reliable partner to help you bring your idea to life and create a professional and impressive website in 30 seconds.

Mr. Son Vu, owner of a technology store, shares: “After a day of using MiraWEB, I am excited about this new product from TENTEN.VN. As someone without programming expertise, I find it very easy to use. I can create a website according to my preferences with the most suitable designs and content with just a few basic steps, like entering product information. MiraWEB also easily integrates domain names, hosting, email servers, and tools like Google Analytics and Facebook…, helping businesses quickly implement and optimize their marketing campaigns. It is truly a fantastic AI application and worth using.”

Advantages of MiraWEB compared to traditional design services 

Only now, if you wanted to create a website for selling products or starting a blog without any design or programming skills, you would need to rely on third-party services, and sometimes the results may not meet your expectations. Since using MiraWEB, all these issues have been addressed by its outstanding advantages, such as:

  MiraWEB Traditional design services
Cost Low 79.000vnd/month High service cost
Deployment time 30 seconds Take a lot of time
Technical Knowledge Not required Required
Customizable design Yes Yes (additional cost)
SEO optimization Yes Depends on designer
AI integration Yes No
Mobile compatibility Yes No
Working process  Automatic, minimal interaction Requires interaction, communication, and providing information to the designer
Updates & maintenance Automatic, continuous updates & maintenance Requires interaction and agreement with the designer
Customer support 24/7 Business hours
Security & stability Yes Depends on the designer

Critical features of MiraWEB

The MiraWEB version, an AI-powered automated website creation platform, will be launched on 05/07, meeting basic customer requirements with a website. In future upgrades, MiraWEB will have many more outstanding features.

In version 1, launched on 05/07/2023, MiraWEB helps users create simple landing pages with the following features:

  • User-friendly content and image management: Admins can view, edit, delete, add, and adjust the position and color of text and images in each section. 
  • Lead capturing and customer list management on the MiraWEB admin page. 
  • Leads from all published pages can be simultaneously tracked on one screen. 
  • Interaction with customers through call and chat messenger. 
  • Integration with GA, FB pixel… for measuring website effectiveness. 
  • Integration with social media channels: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram… 

More features will be updated in future upgrades after 05/07/2023:

  • Language selection: Vietnamese, English, Japanese, etc. 
  • Adjustment of sections: Drag and drop positions, duplicate, rename, clone, delete. 
  • Headers corresponding to section names. 
  • Automatic generation of new content, images, and layouts using AI (for the whole page and each section). 

Easy 4-step website creation with MiraWEB 

MiraWEB aims to guide non-technical and non-design users by prioritizing simplicity. You can have a unique and professional website with just four simple steps.

  • Step 1: Register/Login with your email. 
  • Step 2: Describe your ideas following MiraWEB’s instructions. 
  • Step 3: Wait for MiraWEB to create your website. 
  • Step 4: Connect your domain and hosting; your website is ready to reach potential customers.

→ Detailed instructions on how to use MiraWEB: HERE

Use MiraWEB Starting from only 99,000 VND/month

MiraWEB is a helpful tool for those struggling and facing difficulties in their startup journey, individuals who want to build their brand, and those passionate about exploring new technologies while eliminating worries about technical skills, costs, and time.

With a minimum cost of only 99,000 VND/month, you can create a complete website, including a 1-page website, hosting, SSL, and customizable domain. When you sign up annually, you can save 20% with costs as low as 79,000 VND/month.

Contact for more details:

Hotline: (024) 71 089999 




(*) According to internal statistics at Tenten.VN as of May 15, 2023.


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