RUNSYSTEM | RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company RUNSYSTEM attends Vietnam IT Day 2023 in Australia

Aug 28, 2023
On August 15, representatives from RUNSYSTEM were in Melbourne, Australia to participate in Vietnam IT Day 2023, taking steps to gather enterprises from Vietnam and Australia to foster cooperation in the Information Technology sector.

Australia has a massive demand for labor in the IT sector, projected to rise to over 1 million workers by 2024. In an environment with insufficient human resources, many Australian companies are looking for leading partners to outsource their services. Meanwhile, Vietnam, with a plethora of IT human resources and many companies such as RUNSYSTEM offering high-quality international services to foreign partners and skilled labor at a reasonable cost, has numerous opportunities to become an ideal partner for businesses in Australia.

This year’s event was organized by the GITS group ( in Australia, established in 2017, encompassing over 50 tech companies with varied specialties from Vietnam. With over 5000 engineers, GITS has delivered advanced IT solutions to numerous customers globally.

This year’s Vietnam IT Day event saw participation from leading organizations and individuals from the IT industry from both countries (representatives from Australia include Global Victoria The Startups Network). On the Vietnam’s side, GITS teamed up with ITPA, VNITO as organizers. The event saw participation from various major IT enterprises.

Vietnam IT Day 2023 was an event that tightened relationships between Vietnamese enterprises and Australian IT business partners, introducing a business connection mentality, creating mutual growth opportunities, and yielding partnership relationships and business opportunities. The event also provided companies with detailed information about the IT markets in Vietnam and Australia, forming connections with an expansive network of IT companies in both countries. Consequently, participating businesses have more chances to cooperate with other Australian companies in Melbourne.

Australia is one of GMO’s strategic markets in the Go Global plan, targeting the international market in the 2023 – 2025 phase. Therefore, Vietnam IT Day 2023 is pivotal in RUNSYSTEM’s mission to expand and conquer new markets. Aside from being a software service provider and a member of GITS, it also plays the sponsor role, partnering with Vietnam IT Day 2023 to create numerous opportunities for collaboration and growth with other companies. RUNSYSTEM on the Official Facebook Page of Vietnam IT Day 2023

Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang, Director of the Global Business Division, RUNSYSTEM (on the left) along with representatives from Vietnamese and Australian enterprises at the event. RUNSYSTEM will develop the cooperative relations established at the event, delivering quality products and services such as software exports, multi-industry business system development, and website/mobile application development and meeting international standards that are appropriate for this new market’s needs, reinforcing the slogan “Trusted Digital Partner” in the upcoming period.


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