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Jan 22, 2024

On November 30, 2023, the 04 AI solutions – MiraWEB, MiraBOT, AI Easy Content, and Omni Care of RUNSYSTEM were excellently honored at the Best Solution Awards 2023. All 04 solutions were developed on AI platform, which automated many processes, tasks, saved time, costs, reduced errors, and optimized performance for businesses.

The Best Solution Awards 2023 is organized by the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM)’s Digital Marketing & Technology (DTM) Committee, to honor the most popular and influential marketing and digital technology solutions or solution groups in Vietnam in 2023. This is a prestigious reference from the expert council in the industry and the business community for assessment, evaluation, and recommendation.

The 04 AI solutions – MiraWEB, MiraBOT, AI Easy Content, and Omni Care of RUNSYSTEM, applied with outstanding effectiveness, successfully conquered the members of the Best Solutions Awards’ Assessment Council. Specifically, MiraWEB won the Best Solution B2C award; MiraBOT, AI Easy Content, and Omni Care won the Prime Solution B2B award. In particular, AI Easy Content was named in both award categories: Best Solution B2C and Prime Solution B2B.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Son – Director of the Digital Transformation Strategy Department, representing the company, received the Prime Solution B2B award for the 3 products MiraBOT, AI Easy Content, and Omni Care.

1. MiraWEB – An AI-powered website creation solution in just 30 seconds.

Mr. Pham Minh Tuan – Head of Marketing, Internet Infrastructure Services Division, representing the company, received the Best Solution B2C and Prime Solution B2B awards for 2 products MiraWEB and AI Easy Content.

MiraWEB is an AI-powered website creation platform, helping users to design professional and quick websites with just a few descriptions. MiraWEB automatically analyzes and processes information from users to provide interface suggestions and the most suitable content. Therefore, whether the customer is a student, freelancer, professional marketer, or newcomer to this field, it only takes about 30 seconds to create a website with MiraWEB.

With MiraWEB’s flexible customization mechanism, users can easily edit colors, fonts, images, and other components of the website without spending much time and cost on learning or hiring external services. MiraWEB also allows integration of domains, hosting, email servers, and other important tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook… This helps users and businesses to quickly and efficiently execute and optimize marketing campaigns.

With a powerful artificial intelligence application and advanced design tools, MiraWEB provides users with a unique website creation experience, helping to save time and costs, while generating beautiful and high-quality web pages. MiraWEB is truly a reliable partner for anyone looking to make their mark with their website.

Experience MiraWEB now here.

GMO – RUNSYSTEM – Top AI development companies in Vietnam

2. AI Easy Content – Creative AI assistant for batch SEO content creation.

AI Easy Content is a breakthrough tool in content creation, with a simple and convenient usage. By providing a keyword as input, customers will receive a unique and SEO-scored article with a score of 85 or higher.

AI Easy Content’s user-friendly interface for automatic content creation.

AI Easy Content brings significant benefits to the marketing department of businesses and SEOers. According to internal research by RUNSYSTEM (as of May 2023), AI Easy Content helps save up to 90% of costs and time in the process of creating SEO-standard content. Businesses do not need to hire many personnel, invest in complex tools, or spend hours writing and optimizing content.

In addition to quickly creating numerous high-quality and exclusive articles, AI Easy Content helps users avoid grammar and spelling errors, and allows for the creation of various writing styles. This ensures that your content remains professional and leaves a good impression on customers.

Furthermore, AI Easy Content integrates a series of prompts to help users easily find keywords, plan articles, write product descriptions, social media posts, video scripts, and create an excellent experience for customers, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Experience AI Easy Content now here.

Mr. Pham Minh Tuan, Head of Marketing Department, Internet Infrastructure Services Division, accepted the Best Solution B2C and Prime Solution B2B awards on behalf of the company for the two products, MiraWEB and AI Easy Content

3. MiraBOT – Fast query chatbot – Accurate results

MiraBOT is a powerful AI Chatbot built on the large language model GPT-4 from OpenAI, with the ability to answer user questions, automatically analyze input documents to understand intentions, opinions, and attitudes contained in each request.

Any business looking to improve internal training operations or increase the productivity of the customer care department can use MiraBOT. Businesses can install MiraBOT on their website to instantly respond to customer inquiries, thereby saving costs of operating customer care or customer service departments.

MiraBOT is also used as a perfect internal knowledge training solution. According to the internal research of RUNSYSTEM (as of April 2023), employees of each business are wasting 30 minutes x 261 days = 130 hours per year just to search for internal information. Meanwhile, MiraBOT can help them find answers immediately to every issue through its ability to synthesize information and analyze big data.

Just within 2 months from the project announcement, 986 businesses have registered to experience MiraBOT and provided positive feedback.

Experience MiraBOT here.

4. Omni Care – Cross-channel customer experience management.

Omni Care is a leading software in Vietnam that helps retail businesses manage cross-channel customer experiences (CX) most comprehensively. “As the retail industry is currently aiming to obtain a high proportion of loyal customers to reduce marketing costs and increase revenue, optimizing every customer touchpoint with the business is the only solution to achieve this goal. We appreciate solutions that follow the long customer journey rather than pure CRM solutions managing each sales activity,” said Mr. Tran Ngoc Son, CEO of a major fashion store chain in Vietnam.

Omni Care allows the collection and integration of customer data from all interaction channels, records the history of customer touchpoints with the business. The system will then automatically evaluate and classify potential customers, support the implementation of customized marketing campaigns for each classified customer group. Information about customers obtained from marketing activities will also be directly transferred to the Sales and Customer Service teams. These departments will also supplement customer data, thereby creating a complete 360-degree customer portrait.

Thanks to AI artificial intelligence application, Omni Care can provide evaluations and predictions about customer needs, enabling sales staff to give appropriate sales advice. What could be better than when customers receive personalized advice and buy the right products according to their needs? In addition, Omni Care also supports the effective management of the Sales team based on work tracking sheets, KPIs, and plans for customer meetings and exchanges.

Not only stopping at one-time sales, retaining customers “for life” also depends on both customer care activities and efforts to stimulate repeat purchases. Omni Care allows the Customer Service team to handle complaints and answer customer concerns quickly and timely. In addition, the system integrates with Loyalty Apps, allowing businesses to create special sales programs for existing customer groups. “Turning first-time buyers into loyal customers triples when our business uses the OmniCare system,” according to Ms. Đặng Thu Huyền, CEO of a Spa chain in Hanoi.

The entire customer journey is optimized, and all personnel creating touchpoints with customers can handle their work on one platform. Omni Care confidently accompanies every business to create the best experience for customers and for the implementation team.

Find out more about Omni Care at this link

Mr. Nguyen Minh Son – Director of the Digital Transformation Division of the company, received the Prime Solution B2B award for 3 products MiraBOT, AI Easy Content, and Omni Care.

With a focus on investing in researching and developing diverse AI solutions, RUNSYSTEM is currently one of the leading enterprises driving the trend of shifting towards researching and applying AI to digital transformation ecosystems, bringing a lot of value to customers. In addition, the company’s specialized consulting and solution implementation services also help businesses build optimal operating methods, eliminating cumbersome processes.





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