At Internet Day 2023,’s three Artificial Intelligence products made a powerful impression.

Jan 23, 2024

On November 22, 2023, made a strong impression on the attendees of Internet Day 2023 with a set of 3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) products: AI Easy Content, MiraWEB, MiraBOT, which help save time and enhance productivity for customers. The event, chaired by the Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) under the theme “New Space, New Opportunities for Vietnam’s Internet,” was held at the Grand Plaza Hotel Hanoi.

As an annual event organized by the Vietnam Internet Association, Internet Day is a national-scale playground for businesses operating in the Internet, Telecommunications, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) fields. 

At Internet Day 2023, – a brand from the GMO Internet Group of Japan, brought a set of 3 Artificial Intelligence application solutions: AI Easy Content, MiraWEB, MiraBOT, and attracted the attention of numerous event attendees. With a focus on investing in research and development of diverse AI-based solutions, is currently the leading domain name registrar in the trend of shifting towards AI research and application in the digital transformation ecosystem, bringing great value to customers. In addition, the company’s specialized consulting and solution deployment services will help businesses build optimized operating methods and eliminate cumbersome processes.

  • AI Easy Content: Creative AI assistant for bulk content generation
  • MiraWEB: Automatically build a website using AI in 30 seconds
  • MiraBOT: Fast query chatbot – Accurate results

Learn more about the products in the Digital Transformation Ecosystem of RUNSYSTEM here.

The AI experience booth attracted a lot of attention from customers.

In July 2023, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has directed that by 2025 there will be 5 new spaces equivalent to telecommunications, and by 2030 they will exceed telecommunications (including: Cloud Computing, Digital Platforms, E-commerce, Vietnamese Make technology, Cybersecurity). In line with that direction, Mr. Tran Duc Tam – Representative of brand and also the Director of the Internet Infrastructure Service Center of RUNSYSTEM Company shared at the event: “AI application products developed by engineers have initially received positive signals from the market. This is evidence of the credibility and quality of the digital transformation ecosystem built on the AI platform of the company. is ready to help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals early, increase the level of technology to enhance competitiveness, and develop more strongly and sustainably.”

Mr. Tran Duc Tam – Director of the Internet Infrastructure Service Center, RUNSYSTEM Company, shared about the application of AI to increase business efficiency at the Internet Day 2023 event. is a brand of RUNSYSTEM Company – a member of GMO Internet Group of Japan. With the goal of becoming the number 1 provider of artificial intelligence solutions in the market, RUNSYSTEM owns an ecosystem of diverse AI applications in many fields. RUNSYSTEM believes that with professional experience meeting global standards and the slogan “Trusted Digital Partner,” the company will provide solutions to meet all customer needs through technology.

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