SmartKYC – A comprehensive customer identification support solution

Jan 23, 2024

SmartKYC is a comprehensive customer identification solution, providing features to support customers after the identification process, helping banks proactively control and directly connect with customers in need of support.

In the digital age, remote customer identification (eKYC) is increasingly being widely applied, bringing convenient experiences for users.

Although it is designed to be user-friendly for many users, not every customer can complete it smoothly right from the first time. There are many external factors that can affect the eKYC experience, such as ambient light conditions, device photo quality, unreliable internet connection, old documents making the information difficult to read, or even inaccurate user actions. Therefore, a complete eKYC solution not only needs to perform well in the identification process, but also needs to provide support mechanisms and connect users with the bank’s support department to take timely support measures.

So how to solve this problem? Let’s find out about SmartKYC – a comprehensive and effective eKYC solution, not only helping you identify customers quickly and accurately, but also providing features to support customers after the identification process, helping you maintain and enhance relationships with customers.

1. Challenges & Consequences

Most existing solutions only meet basic requirements to extract information from documents and match faces, without any mechanism to support the customer journey after identification. This causes businesses to miss out on a segment of customers in need of services. In addition, concerns about fraudulent customers further drive the need to tighten the detection threshold for fraud, inadvertently making it difficult for a large segment of actual customers. This leads to some consequences and challenges as follows:

  • Risk of losing customers to competitors

According to statistics, businesses may miss out on 10-15% of potential customers if they do not ensure a consistent experience from the identification to successfully opening an account. Customers will easily switch to other providers if they feel neglected and uncared for.

  • Wasting resources and time

If using other methods to contact and support customers (phone calls, emails, messaging, in-person appointments), businesses will have to spend a lot of money to operate a team of agents/controllers. These options are less effective as it is difficult to scale quickly, manage customer support data, and especially it does not ensure information security.

  • Decrease in credibility and service quality

Without fast and professional support for customers, it will be difficult for businesses to gain trust and satisfaction from customers. This affects your reputation and brand in the market.

2. SmartKYC solution

With over 18 years of research and deployment experience with partners both domestically and internationally, RUNSYSTEM has developed SmartKYC – advanced and modern eKYC, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to quickly, accurately, and safely identify customers remotely.

One of the outstanding features of SmartKYC is the video KYC feature – allows you to directly connect with end customers through video calls to support them in necessary cases.

  • Solve issues when customers cannot successfully complete eKYC
  • Directly verify customer’s personal information
  • Guide customers to complete the next steps after identification
  • Answer customer questions or concerns
  • Enhance relationships and connection with customers

SmartKYC’s Video KYC has many advantages over other support options, such as:

  • Call data is encrypted and secured, not leaked or abused
  • Call content is stored in your system for later checking and post-verification
  • Integrated with many intelligent AI features, such as automatic photo capture, face matching. Representatives take only about 1-2 minutes for each call
  • Customers do not need to download additional third-party software to use video KYC, just use a regular web browser
  • Increase compatibility and convenience for customers, without issues of capacity, security, or software updates

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With the mentioned features and advantages, SmartKYC is a comprehensive and effective eKYC solution, helping you identify customers remotely quickly, accurately and safely, while supporting customers after the identification process, maintaining and enhancing customer relationships. SmartKYC is the optimal choice for businesses in the banking, insurance, payment, finatech sectors…



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