GPT Store – The latest feature of OpenAI in early 2024

Jan 25, 2024

1. What is GPT Store?

GPT Store is a platform developed by OpenAI, allowing users to access and leverage their AI models. Here, I will simply translate it as “GPT Store”.

It operates as a marketplace for AI, where users can purchase AI capabilities as needed. The store is designed to democratize AI, making it more accessible to a wider audience. It provides various benefits, including ease of use, flexibility, and the ability to customize AI models to fit specific requirements.

OpenAI introduces GPT Store to capitalize on the success of ChatGPT with consumers. OpenAI’s mission is to ensure that AI benefits all of humanity, which has driven the decision to launch GPT Store. By bringing their AI models to the market, OpenAI aims to drive innovation and accelerate the application of AI across multiple domains.

However, the drawback of GPT Store is that it only supports GPT Plus ($16.6/ month).

2. How to use GPT Store?

You must meet the following 2 conditions:

  • Register an account on OpenAI.
  • Pay for a GPT Plus account ($16.6/ month) to use the services in GPT Store.

After successfully completing these 2 steps, proceed to access the store at the following link:

3. Application and the future of GPT Store

The store offers many applications in various fields. AI models can use it to automate customer service or enhance data analysis, contributing to improved efficiency and productivity. Real-world examples include chatbots, content generation, and predictive analytics.

The store holds great potential for the future of AI. As more businesses and individuals start using AI models from the store, we can expect to see a dramatic increase in AI-based innovations. It may also open the door to a broader AI market, leading to a more dynamic and competitive AI industry.

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