V4 Project – GMO’s offshore “giant”

Mar 11, 2024
With a scale of up to 180 personnel per month, it is unsurprising that the V4 project team won the "Best Revenue Project - Japan Market" category at the G-Awards for their impressive performance in 2023.

Officially launched in April 2023 with 15 members, the V4 Project is an administrative project for Japanese clients. Just ten months into the project, the team size has increased 12 times, leading Sub PM Vu Anh Chien to exclaim, “Even though I only manage half of the team in Hanoi, I am truly shocked and feel pressure when seeing the scale of the project.” The project development team has reached 180 members working across four branches: Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, and a subsidiary company in Tokyo, Japan.




The V4 Project image has won the Best G-Team 2023 award at the G-AWARDS ceremony.

As the largest-scale project ever undertaken by RUNSYSTEM, the project management team faced many challenges. The rapid increase in team size and the involvement of several departments made communication the project’s biggest challenge. “This is the first time we’ve worked on a project with such a large team size, so other sub-PMs and I have no case study to reference. Therefore, everyone has to try to adjust and make gradual improvements to ensure the smoothest operation of the project,” shared Mr. Nguyen Gia Hoang Vinh, the project manager at the Ho Chi Minh City branch.

The development team has also continuously improved their skills and communication with clients, especially with clients who need experience working with an outsourcing team. It is crucial to ensure mutual understanding and achieve the highest efficiency in project implementation.

During the meeting between RUNSYSTEM and the client at the end of October 2023, Mr. Nguyen Tan Minh, Deputy General Director of the client company, proudly stated: “The project is a recognition of the intelligence and creativity of the Vietnamese people, as RUNSYSTEM has been involved in creating a widely used technological product in Japan. The client’s trust is a great motivation for RUNSYSTEM, and the project team in particular, to continue investing in research and process improvement, enhancing efficiency to ensure project progress, quality, and maximize the value delivered to the client.”

The client expressed immense appreciation for the project team during the meeting and working in Vietnam. The team’s increasingly cohesive work has significantly improved the product quality. Both RUNSYSTEM, in general, and the V4 Project team, in particular, have gained trust and confidence by promptly meeting the client’s requirements and delivering the product within the committed timeframe.

Being the “giant” offshore project of the entire company but not appearing in the nomination or voting list of G-Awards, the team members were shocked and thrilled when they heard the project name being called in the final award category – the project with the highest revenue in the Japanese market, which is a special recognition, an unexpected gift from the company’s leadership to the project for the relentless efforts and dedication of each member over the past year.

“If we compare G-Awards to a beauty pageant and the project evaluation criteria to body measurements, our V4 is a bit ‘oversized.'”

“I still see many areas for improvement to deliver the best value to the client. However, I want to express my gratitude to our superiors for recognizing the efforts of all team members. Special thanks go to all project team members at the four branches and the subsidiary company in Japan for working together to bring the project to where it is today,” said Mr. Vinh.

Shortly, the project team will continue to train, improve the quality of resources, build trust with clients, and expand the project scale to 200 members. We wish the V4 Project to reach the target on time with quality that meets global standards, being trusted by clients as the top choice for long-term collaboration, following the slogan “Trusted Digital Partner.”


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