RUNSYSTEM | RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company made a strong impression with 3 AI products at Internet Day 2023

Mar 26, 2024
On November 22, 2023, made a strong impression on attendees at Internet Day 2023 with its trio of Artificial Intelligence (AI) products: AI Easy Content, MiraWEB, and MiraBOT, which help save time and enhance productivity for customers. The event, hosted by the Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) under the theme "New Space, New Opportunities for the Internet in Vietnam," took place at the Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel.

The annual event organized by the Vietnam Internet Association, Internet Day, is a national-scale playground for businesses operating in the Internet, Telecommunications, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) sectors.

The AI experience booth attracted significant interest from a diverse range of attendees.

At Internet Day 2023, – a brand under GMO Internet Group Japan, introduced a trio of AI application solutions: AI Easy Content, MiraWEB, and MiraBOT, which garnered considerable attention from event participants. With a focus on investing in research and development across various AI-based solutions, has emerged as a leading domain registrar shifting towards researching and applying AI in the digital transformation ecosystem, bringing significant value to customers. Additionally, the company’s specialized consulting and solution deployment services assist businesses in building optimized operational methods, eliminating cumbersome processes.

AI Easy Content: Mass content creation virtual assistant

AI Easy Content is a groundbreaking tool in content creation, offering a simple and convenient usage approach. By inputting a keyword, customers receive a unique and SEO-friendly article with a score of 85 or above.

The AI Easy Content interface facilitates automatic content creation.

AI Easy Content provides significant benefits for businesses’ marketing departments and SEOers. According to’s internal research (as of May 2023), AI Easy Content saves up to 90% of costs and time in the SEO content creation process. Businesses no longer need to hire multiple staff, invest in complex tools, or spend hours writing and optimizing content.

“I am one of the first users of AI Easy Content. Creating SEO-friendly content used to consume a lot of time and effort, but with AI Easy Content, everything has become much easier,” said Huyen Khanh, an SEO Content employee.

In addition to quickly generating quality and exclusive articles, AI Easy Content helps users avoid grammar and spelling errors while fostering creativity in various writing styles, ensuring professional and impressive content for customers.

Furthermore, AI Easy Content integrates a series of prompts to help users easily find keywords, plan articles, write product descriptions, social media posts, video scripts, etc., thereby creating an excellent customer experience and enhancing marketing campaign effectiveness.

MiraWEB: Automated website creation with AI in 30 seconds

MiraWEB is an AI-powered website creation platform that allows users to design professional websites quickly with just a few descriptive lines. MiraWEB automatically analyzes and processes user information to provide suggestions for the most suitable interface and content. Thus, whether the customer is a student, freelancer, professional marketer, or novice in the field, it only takes about 30 seconds to create a website with MiraWEB.

Flexible customization mechanisms allow MiraWEB users to easily adjust colors, fonts, images, and other website components without the need for costly learning or outsourcing services. MiraWEB also allows integration with domains, hosting, email servers, as well as tools like Google Analytics, Facebook, etc., helping users/businesses execute and optimize marketing campaigns quickly.

“After experiencing MiraWEB for a day, I’m very excited about this new product from As someone without programming expertise, I find it very easy to use. With just a few basic steps like entering product information, I have a website with the most relevant content,” shared Son Vu, owner of a technology equipment store.

Thanks to powerful AI applications and advanced design tools, MiraWEB provides users with a unique website creation experience, saving time and costs while producing beautiful and quality websites. MiraWEB is truly a reliable partner for anyone looking to make an impact with their website.

MiraBOT: Rapid query chatbot – Accurate results

MiraBOT is a powerful AI chatbot built on the GPT-4 model from OpenAI, featuring the ability to respond to user queries, automatically analyze input documents to understand intentions, perspectives, and hidden attitudes in each request.

Any business looking to improve internal training or increase the productivity of customer service departments can use MiraBOT. Businesses can install MiraBOT on their websites to instantly respond to customer inquiries, thereby saving costs in operating customer service departments or customer service outsourcing.

MiraBOT also serves as a perfect internal knowledge training solution. According to’s internal research (as of April 2023), each business employee wastes 30 minutes x 261 days = 130 hours per year just searching for internal information. Meanwhile, MiraBOT can instantly provide answers to any questions thanks to its ability to synthesize information and analyze big data.

Within just 2 months since the project was announced, 986 businesses have registered to experience MiraBOT and provided positive feedback to

Hoang Yen, Customer Care Manager of a company in Hanoi, shared: “MiraBOT is completely different from the chatbots I used before. No time spent on script building, no need for personnel operation, no limits on responses.”

Similarly, Nguyen The Cuong, Director of a technology company, also had positive feedback on this new generation chatbot: “MiraBOT has truly revolutionized our customer service. This chatbot is trained with our documents, so just by inputting data, the chatbot can answer any customer question with a friendly, natural tone. Recent customer surveys show a 20% increase in satisfaction.”

In July 2023, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) directed that 5 new spaces, equivalent in scale to telecommunications, will be available by 2025 and will surpass telecommunications by 2030 (including: Cloud Computing, Digital Platforms, E-commerce, Make in Vietnam Technology, Cybersecurity). Following this direction, Tran Duc Tam, Representative of the brand and Director of the Internet Infrastructure Services Center at RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company, shared at the event: “The AI application products developed by engineers have begun to receive positive signals from the market. This is evidence of the credibility and quality of the company’s AI-based digital transformation ecosystem. is ready to help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals early, increase the proportion of technology to enhance competitive advantages, and develop robustly and sustainably.”

Tran Duc Tam – Director of the Internet Infrastructure Services Center, RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company, shares about AI application to increase efficiency for businesses at Internet Day 2023. is a brand under RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company – a member of GMO Internet Group Japan. With the goal of becoming the number one AI solution provider in the market, RUNSYSTEM owns a diverse ecosystem of AI-applied services in various fields. RUNSYSTEM believes that with professional expertise meeting global standards and the slogan “Trusted Digital Partner,” the company will provide solutions to meet all customer needs through technology.


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