Announcement: RUNSYSTEM changes its logo

Mar 26, 2024

To our valued customers/Partners/Associations,

Starting August 18, 2023, RUNSYSTEM will officially transition to using a new logo as part of the company’s and GMO Internet Japan’s adjustments. This will aim for better brand consistency and recognition, reflecting our pioneering spirit and commitment to continuing development in our rapidly changing digital age.

The new logo version’s “.com” text will be larger and bolder than the previous version, aligning with the current brand logo. The logo’s color scheme will remain the same, featuring the primary colors of blue and red.

Specifications of the new logo are as follows: RUNSYSTEM will begin implementing the new logo across all platforms, including the website, official social media accounts, internal documents, and other company-owned products.

We kindly request that our customers, partners, and associations that currently feature introductions to RUNSYSTEM on their media channels update and use our new logo.

For any inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us via email: (PR Department)

We sincerely appreciate your attention!


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