RUNSYSTEM | RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company RUNSYSTEM has developed an AI-powered shopping assistance application for the Japanese market

Mar 26, 2024
On October 5th, the project integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the e-commerce sector in the Japanese market, developed by RUNSYSTEM, was officially sealed with a cooperation agreement between Sakade City, Japan, and relevant partners.

The signing marks a new milestone for the project, signaling readiness for the trial implementation of this shopping support application in Sakade City, Japan, in November 2023. This is a preparatory stage before deploying the application widely to enhance the quality of life for all Japanese citizens in the future.

The official deployment kicked off in August 2023, the project being the result of the collaborative efforts of members from the Business Solutions Division (BSD), Smart Solutions Division (SSD), and Technology Innovation Office (TIO) under the “alliance.” Mr. Le Vinh Thien, the Chief Technology Officer and Project Manager, shared, “From the initial stages of project engagement, the client only presented the challenges and entrusted RUNSYSTEM to research and propose suitable solutions. This is an opportunity for members to unleash creativity based on IT knowledge and understanding of new technologies to deliver the best products to customers. The project is a collaboration of three departments, each responsible for different tasks: SSD analyzes business operations and supports backend development, BSD develops on the Mobile platform, while TIO researches the integration of ChatGPT into the system. The harmonious collaboration among members has empowered the project to progress on schedule with the highest quality, acknowledged by the client.”

The AI-powered shopping support application developed by RUNSYSTEM utilizing the ChatGPT system acts as a virtual sales assistant, interacting with shoppers through voice. Particularly, the application also has the function of eliciting user needs. An illustrative example provided is when a user asks, “It’s too hot today, what’s a refreshing dish?” the application will proactively suggest suitable meals and provide information on ingredients, shopping locations, and cooking instructions. By simply ordering via voice, all user needs are instantly met through this application. Integrating artificial intelligence into daily life has truly provided a smart and practical shopping experience for users, especially for elderly individuals living far from city centers.

In November, the application will be trialed with primarily elderly households in Ogoecho, Sakade City. In the future, the project will continue to develop additional features to widely implement the product, enhancing the quality of life for all Japanese citizens. “I believe that partnering with other businesses in this endeavor holds significant importance in addressing social issues in Japan,” Mayor Tetsuji Arifuku of Sakade City shared during the signing ceremony.

Currently, RUNSYSTEM possesses a digital transformation ecosystem covering most business activities, meeting the diverse needs of enterprises in various fields. This solid platform enables RUNSYSTEM to confidently execute projects with high technological content, delivering quality products and services that customers trust, in line with the motto “Trusted Digital Partner.”


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