RUNSYSTEM | RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company RUNSYSTEM enhances business cooperation expansion in the Korean market

Mar 26, 2024
On November 6th, representatives from RUNSYSTEM attended the "Korea - Vietnam ICT Friendship Networking 2023" as part of the "3rd Vietnam - Korea ICT Cooperation Forum 2023" to enhance and expand opportunities for collaboration with Korean enterprises and organizations in the field of Information Technology.

Participating in this year’s “Korea – Vietnam ICT Friendship Networking” event, RUNSYSTEM, along with representatives from the Digital Transformation Block and the International Business Block, introduced their internationally-recognized deployment capabilities. They not only excel in software development, systems, and IT services but also possess a diverse Digital Transformation Product Ecosystem trusted by many leading clients in Vietnam and Japan.

During the event, RUNSYSTEM signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with three South Korean enterprises specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to explore deployment capabilities and potential cooperation between the two parties.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang, Director of the Global Business Division, represented the signing of the MOUs at the event.

South Korea is one of the leading countries in digital technology and a significant partner of Vietnam. Recognizing this, the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) collaborated with the Korea National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) and the Korea IT Cooperation Office in Hanoi to jointly organize the “Korea – Vietnam ICT Friendship Networking 2023” event. With over 130 delegates and businesses from both countries participating in various fields such as AI, IoT, virtual reality, cloud computing, e-commerce, and software development, the event served as a bridge to meet and seek partners for Vietnamese and South Korean businesses.

At the event, the Vietnam-Korea IT Cooperation Alliance was officially established, marking a significant step in the cooperative relationship between the two countries. This is the first organization linking Vietnam and South Korea, representing IT enterprises from both countries. With two main roles, the organization provides information on government support programs for businesses and facilitates favorable conditions for businesses to access and penetrate the market.

The event was a valuable opportunity for RUNSYSTEM to meet, share, and explore potential cooperation with South Korean enterprises. Additionally, it provided an occasion for GMO to listen and understand the challenges that businesses are facing, thereby offering appropriate solutions to customers. RUNSYSTEM expects to further develop many cooperation opportunities established at the event. With the motto “Trusted Digital Partner,” RUNSYSTEM continuously strives to provide quality services such as software exports, multi-industry business system development, website/mobile application development, along with a comprehensive digital transformation ecosystem covering all aspects of business operations. All products and services meet international standards suitable for the requirements of the South Korean market in particular, and the international market in general.


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