RUNSYSTEM | RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company RUNSYSTEM officially becomes a member of the HAMI association

Mar 26, 2024
On January 11, 2024, RUNSYSTEM was officially certified as a member of the Hanoi Association of Major Industrial Product Manufacturers (HAMI).

HAMI (Hanoi Association of main industries) is a collaborative environment for enterprises producing key industrial products in Hanoi city. HAMI serves as a bridge for businesses to exchange, learn from experiences, engage in joint ventures, partnerships, and cooperation in production and business development. RUNSYSTEM has been officially recognized as a corporate member by the Association’s Permanent Council

In 2023, a year full of turbulence, witnessed strong and flexible adaptation of Hanoi’s manufacturing industry amidst a challenging global economic environment. With relentless efforts in sustainable digital transformation through the deployment of ERP solutions and smart digital transformation solutions, RUNSYSTEM has achieved certain accomplishments and gained the trust of the Association and its members.

The ERP solution tailored for the manufacturing sector has been developed with specific, practical features that are more suitable for the industry’s characteristics. Therefore, businesses only need to apply it without additional costs or time for customization. The benefits of ERP solutions in the manufacturing industry include: managing the entire production process; connecting departments; reducing operational costs; lean production; rapid and accurate data synchronization and management, among others.

In the future, as a member of HAMI, RUNSYSTEM will continue to stand by and accompany the manufacturing industry through providing comprehensive, internationally quality ERP solutions and systems, aiming to drive digital transformation with new thinking, new approaches, and support businesses to break through in the future.


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