Retrieving data from non-digitized documents: Challenges and Solutions

Mar 26, 2024
Retrieving data from non-digitized documents poses one of the most significant challenges many businesses face, which creates issues in managing and storing documents and affects the efficiency of work and business decisions. So, how can this challenge be addressed? Let's explore OCR Studio and SmartDOCS - two high-tech solutions that help businesses efficiently retrieve data from non-digitized documents.

Why accessing data from non-digitized documents is a challenge?

Businesses often have to deal with various types of non-digitized documents, such as invoices, receipts, contracts, personnel records, etc. This makes managing and storing documents difficult and costly. Additionally, accessing information from non-digitized documents also poses many challenges, including:

  • Time and effort-consuming: Employees must spend a lot of time and effort to sift through, read, and search for information on each paper page. This reduces work efficiency and increases the risk of errors during retrieval.
  • Impact on business decisions: Accessing information from non-digitized documents can slow down the decision-making process, affecting work efficiency, and reducing the ability to utilize information to formulate effective business strategies.

OCR Studio and SmartDOCS: Optimal solutions to help businesses access data from non-digitized documents

To address the challenge of accessing data from non-digitized documents, businesses need to use advanced technology solutions to automate the process of identifying and extracting information from image documents. OCR Studio and SmartDOCS are two leading solutions in this field, bringing many benefits to businesses, such as:

  • OCR Studio: An automated solution for recognizing and extracting information from image documents. OCR Studio uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert image documents into editable and searchable text. OCR Studio can recognize and extract information from various types of documents, including those with complex backgrounds, handwritten text, or italicized text. OCR Studio can also recognize and extract information from multiple languages, including Vietnamese. Thanks to OCR Studio, businesses can easily access information from digitized documents, improving work efficiency and making business decisions quickly and accurately.
  • SmartDOCS: A document management system that helps organize and manage digitized documents efficiently. SmartDOCS allows for quick and convenient storage, search, and retrieval of information from digitized documents. SmartDOCS can also integrate with OCR Studio to automatically recognize and extract information from image documents when imported into the system. Thanks to SmartDOCS, businesses can manage digitized documents safely, securely, and efficiently.


Accessing data from non-digitized documents is a major challenge that many businesses face. This not only causes many problems in document management and storage but also affects work efficiency and business decision-making. To address this challenge, businesses need to use advanced technology solutions to automate the data retrieval process, as well as efficiently store data.


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