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Mar 26, 2024
ERP - a digital transformation solution that enhances efficiency and synchronizes business operations - has become a crucial goal for enterprises in Vietnam. In the wave of ERP deployment, RUN ERP stands out as one of the favored products among both domestic and international enterprises, offering tailored solutions designed specifically for each business at optimal costs.

RUN ERP – Mission of building a long-term development roadmap for businesses

In recent years, digital transformation has ceased to be a novelty for businesses, especially in the context of markets undergoing unpredictable fluctuations and instability. Digital transformation solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses have proliferated with various platforms and diverse products. However, each business faces different challenges, with varying scales, operations, products, services, and resources. Some businesses have successfully undergone digital transformation by establishing systematic road maps and preparing the necessary mindset and resources. Yet, many others struggle to find solutions and even fail in their digital transformation endeavors. RUN ERP is born with the goal of helping businesses prepare a proper roadmap and find the most suitable solution for their needs to ensure a successful digital transformation process.

RUNERPRUN ERP Specialist Team

RUN ERP – Tailor-made Solution for Vietnamese Businesses

After years of operation in the custom software development field in Vietnam, RUNSYSTEM has recognized the growing demand for a comprehensive management solution for all business operations domestically, especially for medium and large enterprises with a large workforce and complex business processes. The lack of a synchronized process affects work speed, increases costs, and reduces the efficiency of business operations.

RUN ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource management solution. With this solution, businesses can manage all their activities across various stages, from sales management, purchasing management from suppliers, production-quality management, inventory management, human resource management, to accounting document and financial management. Data is integrated and interconnected across departments, ensuring seamless and smooth workflow.

RUNERPRUN ERP – Solution Suite for Everyone

While previously only large enterprises considered implementing ERP, nowadays, RUN ERP is designed for both small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to access advanced management platforms worldwide at reasonable costs.

With a user-friendly interface and modern language, users require less time to familiarize themselves with the RUN ERP system. This significantly reduces the risk of the business’s adaptability when transitioning from old systems or traditional management methods to the new system.

RUNERPProject Implementation Consultation with RUN ERP

Beyond being merely software, RUN ERP provides customers with a comprehensive digital transformation service from survey consultation on roadmap, professional digital transformation issues to tailor-made solution design, and deployment on various infrastructure platforms tailored to customer preferences.

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