RUNSYSTEM | RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company RUNSYSTEM and ABBank successfully deployed Customer Relationship Management System phase 1

Mar 21, 2023

On November 7, 2022, An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank officially put into operation the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system phase 1. This system is operated by Joint Stock Company. RUNSYSTEM implementation helps banks synchronize data and integrate related systems.

At the Go-live Ceremony phase 1 of Building a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that took place at ABBank’s head office, representatives of both sides recognized the initial successes of the project. After nearly 3 months of implementation, the project has successfully synchronized more than 1.6 million customers from the centralized data system (Data Warehouse) and supported more than RM1600 (Relationship Manager) of ABBank. Besides, the CRM system also successfully integrates with related systems such as Core Banking T24, Anti-Money Laundering System AML, LOS (processing of individual customer’s loans), Rotation of documents (processing). business loan)….

Leaders and personnel of ABBank and RUNSYSTEM at Go-live Ceremony of CRM Customer Relationship Management System

The CRM system deployed by RUNSYSTEM follows the CICD standard model to ensure information security and safety. This is a platform focusing in-depth on customer relationship management activities, helping Financial – Banking organizations connect, support interaction with potential customers, optimize management to break through. revenue.

The system has full features to support business administration such as: Customer information management; Manage customer needs; Manage sales opportunities; Task and work management; Visual statistics; Report; “Customer 360”; Sales day planner; Managing KPI activities; Business Planner and Customer Exploitation Planner.

In the first steps of the project of building a Customer Relationship Management System with ABBank, RUNSYSTEM has successfully implemented 6 modules including: Customer Information Management, Customer Information Management, Customer Needs Management, Sales Opportunity Management, Tasks and Tasks Management, Visual Statistics and Reports.

Easy administration, fast data connection

“Customer-centric” is ABBank’s strategy. Therefore, all activities of the bank must derive from customer understanding; thereby building and providing the best products, closest to the actual needs. The CRM system deployed by RUNSYSTEM is an effective tool to help systematize information and is an essential foundation for sales staff to better understand customers.

At the end of phase 1, ABBank’s Customer Relationship Management System has completed the website version and mobile application. Currently, ABBank is the pioneer bank to build the CRM system application version on mobile phones to capture and track customer needs, while most banks are based on the website version. .

In addition, visual statistics tables help management get an overview of the source of the month, conversion value, number of customers according to demand, … thereby allocating customer needs to employees. right on the system instead of manually manipulating data files in the traditional way.

With the CRM System, management can also track the entire process of how sales staff interact with customers, how effectively, and the system will automatically extract and honor successful individuals. best score. Linking and internal communication is also shortened and more convenient than ever when all contact of sales staff is updated to the common system..

It is expected that in the future, the SmartOCR solution developed by RUNSYSTEM will be integrated into the bank’s CRM system, helping RMs reduce data entry time. The data right from the input is quickly digitized, drawing a complete picture of “customer understanding”, creating opportunities for ABBank to immediately grasp the actual usage needs and propose solutions. improve customer experience and increase competitive advantage in the market.

Mr. Khuong Duc Tiep – Deputy General Director of ABBank expressed his satisfaction with the progress and quality of phase 1 implementation of the GMO team.

Sharing about the project results in the Go-live ceremony, Mr. Khuong Duc Tiep, Deputy General Director of ABBank commented: “A strategic and key project like CRM was implemented very quickly and drastically from the start, both ABBANK and GMO, I think this is not just a commercial deal. It is also the result of working together and learning from each other, really connecting, not hesitate to work even during the holidays of all project members.”

ABBank is impressed with the “Make in Vietnam” CRM system

Before choosing RUNSYSTEM as the implementation partner, ABBank has researched and researched many CRM systems at home and abroad. GMO’s CRM system made a strong impression on ABBank thanks to its ability to fully meet user needs, understand the peculiarities of the Finance – Banking industry, high ability to localize the system, own a team Experienced engineers with the spirit of being always ready to support 24/7, the ability to deploy well in a short time with international standard quality…

Mr. Nguyen Manh Quan – Acting General Director of ABBank thanked the efforts of the project team on both sides to ensure the set schedule.

At the end of phase 1 of the project, Mr. Nguyen Manh Quan – Acting General Director of ABBank shared about the cooperation process of the two sides: “I really hope that in the near future, the CRM system will become a tool for using every day, every second of every minute of RMs in the whole system. Thereby when working with customers, ABBANK’s RM will always have a smartphone on hand to use CRM in the most convenient, modern and effective way.”

Mr. Ngo Van Tau – General Director of RUNSYSTEM at the Go-live Ceremony of CRM Customer Relationship Management System

In order to stand side by side with ABBANK to achieve the set business goals, Mr. Ngo Van Tau – General Director of RUNSYSTEM committed to accompany the project team, maintain the fighting spirit and continuously improve. system. In the future, RUNSYSTEM will make efforts to deploy and go-live the remaining modules, according to the plans of the two sides.

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