PRESS RELEASE: Launch of AI Mum – The first and only AI application to find the best restaurant in Vietnam

Nov 27, 2017

On November 27th, 2017, AI Mum – The application offers suggestions of nearby and suitable restaurants, cafes, bars  for users using Artificial Intelligence technology (referred to as AI) officially launched users. This is the first and only application in Vietnam using AI technology for effective search and optimum choice for users. AI Mum is an application implemented by RUNSYSTEM and Neos Vietnam.

Currently, AI Mum is the first and only automatic application to make suggestions on restaurant, cafe, bar place in Vietnam using AI – artificial intelligence. With Al Mum mobile app, the whole world of cuisine shrinks in your smart phones.

With its beautifully designed interface, user-friendly and intelligent touch screen, users can easily and swiftly perform on this app. Users when using AI Mum  will experience the super Artificial Intelligence applied in a completely free application.

Users don’t have to spend much time to think about what and where to eat anymore. The advantages of AI can be mentioned as:

– The app automatically deduces user preferences based on users’ reviews, check-ins or searches to provide the most suitable place for the user’s preferences;

– The user is automatically stamped on the membership card or accumulate points each time to the restaurant, cafe or bar;

– Users get endless coupons, discount, enjoy eating without worrying about the price.

When was asked about the idea of ​​AI Mum, Nguyen Tan Minh, Deputy Director of RUNSYSTEM, said: “The application of AI is one of the examples of GMO- RUNSYSTEM aims to further enhance the quality of our products and services to our customers. Nowadays, using Artificial Intelligence in application to make suggestions on restaurant, cafe, bar like AI Mum is pioneering and unique in Vietnam. Certainly, this application will bring useful and outstanding features to users. We hope that AI Mum will be widely used in the community so that people have the opportunity to experience the Artificial Intelligence in the 4.0 Technology era and meet the need to find places to eat and drink in daily life.”

Ai Mum potentially “knows” your taste even better than your “the one”, and surely will capture your heart. There are a lot of things in life that urge us to make decision. So for things like “what to eat”, “where to eat”, just leave it to AI Mum. You don’t have to move miles or spend a lot of time to find a perfect place, just bring out your phone. Why not giving it a try?

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Below is more details for AI Mum outstanding features:


Indicates the suitable proportion between the place and the user’s preference, along with the distance from the current location to the restaurant


Register your favorite restaurant for incentives and promotions


Endless irresistible discount coupons automatically sent back to the account


Automatically counts the number of visits and stamps the user


Reviews post are extremely convenient, which helps the app understand more about your tastes and give suggestion closet to your preference

Locate the map and give directions in the smartest way



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