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Mar 26, 2024
Businesses face many challenges, such as not being able to track the business plans of specialists, sales forces not adhering to procedures, and not grasping the effectiveness of each member's business within the organization. Let's explore WOWCRM together!

Current Challenges in Sales Management

The current situation reveals that many businesses still rely on Excel to track their sales performance, making management complex and inefficient. Sales teams operate individually, without adhering to standard procedures, and lack support tools to evaluate business effectiveness according to organizational structure.

The consequence of lacking an effective management solution leads to numerous difficulties, from training and devising business strategies to understanding actual business performance. This can result in conflicts, disputes in calculating incentives, cross-selling, and managing difficulties as the business gradually expands.

Fortunately, WOWCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software specifically designed for businesses in Vietnam. WOWCRM helps businesses track the entire sales process from potential leads to actual customers (opp), as well as gain a deeper understanding of customers through the customer360 function. WOWCRM also provides businesses with detailed reports and dashboards on business effectiveness according to organizational structure, role-based permissions, and customer evaluation rules. With WOWCRM, businesses can address the following issues:

  • Inability to track real-time business plans of sales specialists
  • Sales force not adhering to procedures
  • Inability to grasp the effectiveness of sales specialists, departments, branches, etc.
  • Difficulty in conducting training activities, strategies to enhance productivity
  • Potential conflicts, disputes in calculating incentives, cross-selling, etc.
  • Breakthrough Solution from WOWCRM

With WOWCRM, businesses can easily track business effectiveness, understand customers, and effectively advise and sell. It provides tools to develop business, marketing strategies, and training based on the productivity of each entity in the system, as well as track referrals and cross-selling.

  • Sales process from lead to opp: WOWCRM allows businesses to set up sales stages according to their requirements, from initial contact with potential customers to contract signing. Each stage will have specific tasks for sales representatives to perform to move customers to the next stage. This helps businesses control the sales process, increase success rates, and reduce risks.
  • Customer360: WOWCRM helps businesses collect and store customer information, from personal information, transaction history, preferences, buying behavior, to customer feedback and evaluations. This information is displayed on an intuitive interface, helping businesses better understand customers and consequently advise and sell more effectively.
  • Reports and dashboards: WOWCRM provides businesses with about 15 exportable reports, 30 small dashboards within 3 large dashboards, including:
  • Business plan dashboard: Displays metrics such as revenue, profit, costs, customer count, conversion rates, etc., over time, region, product, employee, etc.
  • Customer dashboard: Displays metrics about customers, such as new customers, loyal customers, potential customers, lost customers, etc., over time, region, product, employee, etc.
  • Activity dashboard: Displays metrics about sales activities, such as call volume, emails, appointments, quotes, etc., over time, region, product, employee, etc.

These reports and dashboards help businesses quickly and easily track the business effectiveness of sales specialists, departments, branches, etc.

  • Customer evaluation rules: WOWCRM provides predefined rules to assess the importance and potential of customers based on criteria such as expected revenue, success probability, priority level, etc. These rules help businesses classify customers into different groups, allowing them to apply suitable sales strategies.
  • Support function: WOWCRM allows sales representatives to seek support from the entire organization when needed. For example, when a sales representative needs a quote from the technical department or confirmation from the accounting department, WOWCRM will send a support request to the relevant person and notify when there is a response. This helps speed up and improve the quality of the sales process.

In summary, WOWCRM not only addresses common challenges in sales management and improves efficiency but also fosters unity and integration within the business organization. Don’t let current issues hinder your development; leverage WOWCRM to achieve success in business.

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