OCR technology helps businesses save time

Mar 26, 2024
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is essential for converting text files from various sources, such as typing, printing, handwriting, scanning, photographing, faxing,..., into editable and searchable documents in soft file format. Many companies and enterprises utilize OCR to digitize records, simplify recognition, extract information, and store and exchange documents.

Using OCR helps businesses save considerable time. Entering personal information, such as ID cards and driver’s licenses,… into forms or manually inputting it on computers takes a lot of time. However, with OCR, this task only takes a few seconds, more than 50-60 times faster, which speeds up workflow processes and facilitates easy access to necessary information and documents.

OCR helps businesses reduce costs

Using OCR helps reduce costs for businesses. Manual data entry risks errors and consumes a lot of labor time. Using OCR helps minimize data entry errors and save labor costs. Furthermore, quick and easy access to digitized information helps save time and increase work efficiency, thereby reducing overall operating costs.

OCR software helps digitize data and manage data better

OCR allows the digitization of paper documents and efficient data management. Information from paper documents can be extracted and converted into digital form, allowing storage on computers or document management systems. This creates an online data repository, making accessing and searching for necessary information accessible.

Digitized data processed by OCR technology is easy to search.

Compared to spending hours searching for information on paper documents, it only takes a few minutes to find information on digital files very simply and straightforwardly. Once customer information is integrated into the company’s standard system, internal personnel in the organization can search, and customers can also look up their personal information and the services they are using.

OCR technology helps improve business processes

Manual data processing takes time and creates no value for the business. Moreover, manual data entry can result in data errors and misinformation. These unnecessary errors can slow the workflow cycle or cause disruptions and inconvenience for both customers and the business later. By ensuring standard operations in each stage, such as data entry, information extraction, and data processing,… companies will have a professional and efficient workflow, contributing to increased labor productivity.

Digitizing data with OCR technology helps increase document security

Invoices, contracts, customer personal data, and other important information must be securely protected 24/7. Any security breach will affect the business’s reputation and produce solid customer reactions. Information processed by OCR software is stored on the company’s standard database system, with multiple security measures in place, ensuring that only some have access to that data repository. With any minor change, the system keeps a clean history record. Compared to physical security, this is the safest way to store essential data today.

OCR technology helps businesses solve storage space issues

Giant filing cabinets or storage rooms filled with paper work, boxes, and shelves take up too much space. The number of documents continues to increase until there is no more space to store paper documents. A digital data repository storing documents processed by OCR will help save space for many other business activities.

OCR technology helps improve customer service

There are better ways to keep customers than waiting, especially when they call customer service hotlines. Thanks to OCR technology, hotline operators only take a few seconds to search for and retrieve basic customer information such as name, age, address, and the service packages they use… based on the caller’s phone number. Knowing who the caller is and their gender, hotline advisors will have appropriate greetings and addresses, creating a good impression with customers and making them feel friendly and close. When work processing speed is faster and simpler, customers will have a satisfying experience. They will remember the brand of the business with a good impression.


With clear, visible benefits, OCR technology promises to be applied in many industries and various fields in the near future, creating significant strides in the era of Industry 4.0. In Vietnam, OCR Studio is the leading intelligent document digitization solution for recognizing hand written and printed text from documents.

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