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Business application development is one of the core area in RUNSYSTEM software development service from Day 1. This business always earns high profit and get a significant amount of investment from the company. We put a lot of effort on improvement and innovation to build the most efficient and convenient business application system that meets all the requirement from customers.


Since establishment, RUNSYSTEM has been supplying e-commerce systems to many customers including B2B, B2B2C and B2C business. Our e-commerce systems indude customer search system, food information, job information, booking/ordering online. Besides, we also have experience in developing CRM systems, building Portal, SNS,…

With the rapid development of a wide range of electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones … we are constantly learning new technologies to make web applications faster, compatible with many types of devices.


With abundant and experienced human resources, RUNSYSTEM are confident to deploy Labo projects with many outstanding advantages: Cheap and fixed costs, cut cost  by at least 10%, office management fee, no maintenance fee for network environment; Customers can minimize management risk in their country or quickly increase human resources in the busy period; The quality of products is always ensured in accordance with ISO standard with stable productivity thanks to fixed labor force; Closely align the ordering requirements with even high security projects by applying the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 standard.

SMARTPHONE APPLICATION RUNSYSTEM has successfully converted some games from iPhone to Android and runs on Vivid Runtime environment. With such experiences, the company is now developing a strong team to meet the needs of game conversion of customers. RUNSYSTEM has also developed a number of new games for iPhone and Android based on traditional techniques such as XCode and Java. The company’s graphic and sound design team also contributed significantly to this development.

IT SERVICE RUNSYSTEM is a member of the Japanese Internet GMO Group – the leading provider of domain name registration, web hosting services in Japan and one of the world’s leading domain name registrars. . We provide IT services such as domain registration, web-hosting, digital certificates (SSL), … through two major brands, and
In addition, the online survey service is also one of the internet services provided by RUNSYSTEM to Vietnamese users. Currently, InfoQ has over 400,000 members and is service with largest amount of members service in Vietnam. InfoQ Vietnam is one of the leading online surveycommunities in Vietnam.

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