Prélude Enterprise


Improvement of operational efficiency

User-friendly interface improves both of operational efficiency and data accuracy. The platform supports smooth data cooperation among front, middle, and back office.


Flexible customization, smooth expansion

The framework-based solution is flexible and easier to incorporate client’s unique requirements. Wide coverage of financial instruments and functions, will support client to expand their business smoothly.


Cost effectiveness

The all-in-one solution simplifies system relation diagram. It supports clients to start small and save cost.

Prélude Enterprise is a treasury and capital markets solution developed in Japan that realizes STP of foreign exchange, money market, derivatives, and securities. It enables flexible trade management based on cross assets.
It started to help improving bank’s operational efficiency in 2003, and has been adopted by Japanese banks because of its quality and flexibility to achieve clients’ unique requirements.
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    Trade management functions

    Trade entry, trade approval, linkage management with other products, period management

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    Financial instruments

    Foreign exchange, money market, IR derivatives, FX derivatives, commodity, bond, OTC bond option, equity, investment trust, listed futures, listed options, collateral

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    Position management functions

    Position management, profit and loss valuation, mark-to-market valuation

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    Risk management functions

    Portfolio management, exposure valuation, credit line management, Value at Risk valuation, back-testing, PnL simulation

Prélude Enterprise has the top market share in Japan as of May 2018
Trust banks
Banks that operate trust banking beside with regular banking, including custodians, private banks, investment banks.


Online banks
Banks that do not have a face-to-face store, and operate mainly on transactions on the internet.


Regional banks
Banks with head offices in each region and have a great influence on the regional economy.


Prélude Enterprise is an Intergrated Package Solution developed indepentdently
by NTT DATA (Japan), is deployed in Viet Nam market through RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company.

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