Privacy policy

PRIVACY POLICY RUNSYSTEM understands that information security is one of the most important requirements in the management of software enterprises. Therefore, to meet this requirement, RUNSYSTEM has issued information security regulations:

csbm_img_1 100% Employees must sign the confidentiality agreement and contract.

csbm_img_2 Manage by employee cards and magnetic cards.

csbm_img_3 Use electronic lock and magnetic card reader for the office. By assigning the access, employees are allowed to enter their place of work only.

csbm_img_4 Media and data folders access is limited to some employees.

csbm_img_5 Periodically password change.

csbm_img_6 Only internal IPs have access to the server of the company.

csbm_img_7 The programmer can’t access the information of the completed project.

csbm_img_8 Limit use of personal laptops and external devices and the usage requires registration.

csbm_img_9 Install surveillance cameras.

Regulations are disseminated by the Board thoroughly to all staffs in the company. Besides, they are also annually reviewed, revised and continually updated to be in line with actual situation of the company.

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