Active Lab

Active Lab


With abundant and experienced human resources, RUNSYSTEM confidently deploys Labo projects with many outstanding advantages:

  • Fixed and reasonable costs;
  • Product quality is always guaranteed according to ISO standards thanks to fixed human resources;
  • Strictly meet the requirements of even high protection projects, thanks to the application of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards.


  • Low cost:
– 10% off the cost
– No office management fees
– No maintenance fee for the network environment
  • Low risk
– Minimize management risks in the local host
– Fixed price, slight fluctuation
– Can strengthen quickly at peak times
  • Product quality
– Ensure excellent personnel implement the project
– Enterprises can simultaneously accumulate experience
– Stable work productivity thanks to a fixed team
  • Security
– Ensure security even with high-demand projects
– Strictly manage the entrance and exit of the Labo project implementation room


  • Programming languages: Java, C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, and .NET
  • Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax
  • Database management systems: MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MongoDB
  • Mobile: iOS, Android
Active Lab

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