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Since our establishment in 2005, our GMO-Z.Com Runsystem has been a lot of experience in software testing, providing manual and automated test services to improve the software quality of our clients. In the business areas of finance/banking, manufacturing, logistics, medical, insurance, e-commerce, education, accounting, e-learning, human resources management system (HRM), travel, customer management system (CRM), domain name management, we have conducted various manual/automation testing projects regarding to
Web applications, Desktop apps, smartphone apps, cloud, etc. Currently, we have more than 80 test engineers, and we continue expanding to fulfil our goal of providing reliable software testing and quality assurance services to our clients.

Why offshore software testing?

By using our software testing (third-party verification) service, our clients are able to concentrate on their development work and therefore developing high-quality products in a shorter time. In addition, we could conduct testing on many devices at the same time with a low cost, and it can be used for prevention of degration during development and verification in comparing old/new environments.

  • By entrusting test work to our company, developers can concentrate on their development, and therefore the speedup and efficiency improvement of development work could be expected.
  • More than 50% of our test engineers are high-quality software testers with international-standard ISTQB certification.
  • In the operation and maintenance phase, we could perform a test to prevent the degraded bugs when adding or improving functions.
  • High-volume testing can be performed in a short period of time.

An experienced and expertized team can create and execute large numbers of test cases in a short period of time. For example, we have created 10,000 test cases within one month, executing those 10,000 test cases on various devices in two weeks. As a peak, tests were performed on up to 24 different devices and nearly 1000 defects were found.

Characteristics / Strengths

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    Providing high quality services by using a specialized test group
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    Speed: High-volume testing can be performed in a short period of time
    As an example, the execution of 10.000 test cases can be delivered in two weeks with two types of smartphones using eight test engineers.
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    Total support from upstream to downstream of testing
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    Having more than 80 test engineers who can deal with Japanese and English
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    Ease of communication due to Japanese market concentration and Japanese support.
    Having senior Japanese SEs in Tokyo office ad a veteran Japanese Chief Quality Officer in Hanoi office.
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    Flexible contract support according to customer needs such as fixed-price/ODC contracts.

Quality management/improvement (SQA team)

  • Example of test documents:
  • - System specification
  • - Source code
  • - Test case
  • - Testing devices
  • - Test Design
  • - Test Plan
  • - Test Scenario
  • Test specification creation
  • Test execution:
  • - Unit Test
  • - Integration Test
  • - System Test
  • - User Acceptance Test
  • Test report:
  • - Log bug tickets
  • - Test results
  • - Analyse results


Depending on customer needs, we could provide software testing services from upstream to downstream processes.
There are basically three types of patterns that we could provide:


The customer provides a requirement definition document, and the test team conducts a question-and-answer session with the customer based on the requirements definition, understanding the requirement, creating a test specification, and executing the test.


Customers provide existing system applications without any attached documents etc., and we analyze the system in different channels based on existing system applications, creating test specifications based on our own experience, executing the test.


The test will be performed using the test specifications provided by the customer. However, from the viewpoint of testing by our test engineers, we can extract problems that are not suitable for the test specifications and detect defects that are not described in the test specifications.

Testing type

We have a track record of software testing on various platforms such as Web, smartphone, desktop applications and cloud.

Web: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Mobile: Android, iOS


Window 7,8,10

In addition, different types of testing such as software development, maintenance, and system migration can be performed according to customer needs.
We always choose the right test scenarios to be effective for different projects on different platforms. We have a full control over the following test types:

  • UI Testing: A test that verifies the application’s interface representing the consistency of the user interface on different devices, such as color (background color, font color, button color, etc.), font, item, item position, etc.
  • Functional Testing: A test to check the functionality of the application to ensure that it is functioning properly as required.
  • Performance Testing: A test to check the performance of the application.
  • Monkey Testing: A set of test scenarios to be performed to find defects which are not in accordance with any specific specifications and rules, mainly based on the feeling, experience and creativity of the test engineers.
  • Install/Uninstall Testing: Use the “Install” viewpoint group to verify that the software is installed with all necessary components and that the application is functioning as expected.
  • Security Testing: A series of tests to determine if application data is protected and to maintain normal functionality.
  • Compatibility Testing: A series of tests to confirm application compatibility on different hardware/software platforms/OSs/different networks/system environments.
  • Location Testing: Checking application changes and current location when connecting to the network.

Automation Testing

Depending on customer requirements and various project characteristics, we will apply automation or manual tests. For long-term projects (especially for maintenance projects), automation tests are often applied to repeat the test. Conversely, if the development period is short and can be handled at low cost, we select manual testing.
However, in certain cases, when the system is upgraded or migrated, if test case validation can be applied to multiple screens, productivity can be improved by applying automation testing. In this case, productivity can be 1.5 to 3 times greater than manual testing.
In the field of software verification, automation testing plays an important role in improving test productivity and minimizing errors and boredom that occur when performing long, repetitive manual tests.
Automation testing is an automated process for each step in the execution of a test case. Automated tests are performed by automated test tools.
We have an experienced automation test team. Automation tests can be applied on multiple platforms such as Web or smartphone apps. Katalon, Selenium, Eggplant and so on are often used as automation test tools in our projects.

The advantages of automation testing are as below:

Work efficiency

The biggest advantage of automation testing is the ability to implement boring, timeless test procedures that are repeated instead of humans. We don't need to get a sudden permission when we need it, and it doesn't affect the testing process, helping avoid wasting time.

High reliability

The result after execution can be guaranteed to be the same as originally set, so the result is the same no matter how many times it is repeated, it is very stable and possible risks could be avoided. In addition, automation testing can help us reproduce bugs effectively. Bugs that occur only occasionally or randomly can be easily reproduced by automatically saving the steps.

Quality improvement

Automation testing reduces product quality risks, and test work could be done quickly without fatigue, avoiding human errors in regression testing, and re-testing the entire system, and test cases can be reused.

Fast processing speed

If it takes 5 minutes to test manually, it only takes 30 seconds if you use automation testing. We can run multiple test cases continuously just by waiting for the result in "Run".

Low cost

Appropriate automation testing is much faster than manual testing and requires less manpower for script execution and maintenance, saving significant cost, time and human resources.


Automation test tools are designed to avoid repeated boring operations such as test engineer data entry, clicks, and results confirmation, and are highly reliable and stable.


The ability to use different versions of an application with automated test suites is called "reusability".



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